Sunday, June 17, 2012

our weekend

We have had a great weekend. Yesterday we went to Garner to visit with Matt's cousin, Jake, who is a Marine. He's stationed right now in Okinawa, and is finishing up 20 days of leave. We hadn't gotten to see him yet, so we headed to Aunt Melanie's on Saturday for lunch. The weather was gorgeous here this weekend, so if Jonah stayed in the shade, he was okay. So we got to spend a couple of hours outdoors, which he always loves. And it was so great to see Jake again. It's been too long.

This morning we went to church, all took naps, and just hung around here doing laundry and unloading Jonah's monthly bandage supplies (yuck). We didn't really get to do anything to celebrate Father's Day, but we know how blessed we are to have Matt, and that he is quite possibly the BEST dad on the face of the planet.

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