Monday, May 28, 2012

UV Skinz

The folks at UV Skinz sent me Jonah's cutie patootie swim pieces you see in the post below. I LOVED them, but I want to try them out a couple more times before I write an official review. I seriously think they are wonderful for any kid, but I'll write my review tailored more for EB folks. 

They really are amazing, so if you are looking for new sun protective swimwear, take a minute to check out the info on their site. I did want to tell you guys, that if you are interested in purchasing some of the UV Skinz pieces for your kiddos (or yourself!), if you do so by the end of May, they will send you a free 12/24 month swim shirt to donate to a baby in your life. 

From their website:

MAY IS SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!You may be surprised to find one wee shirt more in your shipment than you expected…
In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, UV Skinz is including a free special edition 12/24m Baby Skinz with every order placed during the month of May. By making this purchase, we ask you to join us in our 5th annual campaign to get babies covered and raise awareness about skin cancer and skin disease by helping to spread sun health awareness in a very special way.
Please get one more baby covered by donating this Baby Skinz to a cause of your choosing. You can donate to a local women’s shelter, the neighborhood YMCA, a neighbor in need or even your own little one!
Just wanted to let you know, in case you were planning to order. I'm sending mine to new baby, Jacob Bolte. Have y'all been to Kristy's blog lately? God is working big time over there. :)

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