Sunday, May 6, 2012

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Hi Friends! We are home! We had a great time, but yesterday was kind of a long day. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 4:30, so we got to the airport around 2:00 to make sure there was no issue with our luggage or getting through security. Jonah had two "medically necessary" bags, his "medically necessary" massage table, and lots of liquids (his g-tube feeds and meds), so we weren't a simple airport case. :) We had a letter from our doctor, so things went pretty smoothly, but we just wanted to allow extra time.

Anyway, things went well, so we were at our gate by around 2:30. Like I said, our flight (United/Continental, if you are wondering) was scheduled for 4:30. Then we looked up and departure was at 5:00. Then, departure was scheduled for 7:00. Then we had to switch gates. Then it was scheduled for 8:00. Then, much to our (pleasant) surprise, it was scheduled for 6:35. Then we had to switch gates again. Then it was back to 8:00. Then 8:30. Then 8:50. We took off around 9:30 or 9:45. Add in about 492 bathroom trips with a toddler, and it made for a long afternoon. But Jonah was amazing and handled the seven hours in an airport better than most adults I know. (I complained about how cold I was a lot and eventually went to buy a $10 pair of fuzzy socks from the news shop.)

Jonah fell asleep on the plane. And then I had to wake him up. Then he fell asleep at baggage claim. Then I had to wake him up. Then he fell asleep waiting on Daddy to bring the car from the long term lot. Then I had to wake him up. Then he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Then we had to wake him up - to put on his night tube and to drain blisters. He went ballistic. NOT PLEASANT.

We got him in bed around 1:00am and we finally got to bed around 2:00am. Needless to say, we didn't make it to church this morning. Shwoo. We had a GREAT time, but we finally got unpacked this afternoon (after all having two hour naps), are settling in (while blogging, doing laundry, working on 5K stuff, answering 5K emails etc.), and are thankful to be home.

I wanted to let y'all know two really important things (stick with me, video cuteness at the end).

1. If you are walking or running on Saturday at Jogging for Jonah, you can get your race packets and t-shirts on Friday night at Omega Sports at the Thruway Shopping Center from 6-9 pm. Or you can pick them up race morning, you'll just need to arrive a little early. 5K sets off at 8:30am. Fun Run at 9:00am.

2. We will be on the Fox 8 10:00 news tomorrow (Monday) night. They will re-air the segment on Tuesday morning and we will be in studio on Tuesday morning at 7:45. If you're interested. I'm currently pretending the in-studio part is not happening because I don't want to vomit... or think about having to contain my three-year-old on live television.

Okay, here's the video cuteness I promised.

This one is of Jonah on the big famous keyboard (the one from the movie "Big") at FAO Schwarz.

And this one is from tonight. Somehow in our youtube pursuits tonight, we stumbled upon this video. It made Jonah CRACK UP. These are the moments that make my day. :)


Lauren said...

OK seriously the video of him cracking up at the muppets is SO ADORABLE! I love how he has to cover up his eyes because it's so hilarious (I assume, hehe).

Rebecca said...

That last video is 100% pure cuteness. I laughed just watching Jonah laugh.