Friday, February 10, 2012


Yesterday, Jonah and I met Kathryn and the two cuties she nannies for, Juliana and Jasmine, at Sciworks, a children's science museum. It was Jonah's first time and he loved it. A couple weeks ago, I moved bandage changes to the afternoon (around 4:30, after nap) so that we could get out more. I'm excited about getting to go to story time at the library (something else we've never done), run morning errands, and hope to catch some of the cheap kids' movies this summer. Plus, as the weather warms up, the mornings may be the only time we can get out.

Jonah really wants to be active these days. Every morning when he wakes up, he asks, "Who comin' today?" Needless to say, I feel like I'm disappointing him when I say, "It's just you and me today, Buddy." :) So we were both happy to get out on Thursday morning.

(And yes, he finished his steroids Saturday night, his antibiotics today, and seems back to his wonderful, funny, "healthy" self.)

Sadly, all the walking around he did left a big blood blister on his heel and left other little spots on his feet. That was a bummer, but I think he'd still say it was worth it. He never even complained but by the time we were finishing up and headed to Daddy's work, which was nearby, I noticed he was really limping. Such a tough little guy. Just keeps truckin' along, without complaint, all in the name of fun. :)

PS. I really wish I had gotten a photo of the "biguana" (it really was a rather large iguana) that Jonah keeps talking about. He seemed unimpressed at the time, but apparently it made more of an impression than I thought.

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