Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve at mom's

After we finished "new wraps" on Saturday morning, we headed over to my mom's house for Christmas Eve goodness.

After our delicious lunch, I wanted to read the kids the story of Jesus birth from Jonah's "Jesus Storybook Bible." I only include this photo to show you how much Jonah liked that idea. He went to the toy room and never looked back. Oh well. He let me read it to him that night.

Asher and Ainsley, my brother's kids, were super into it though.

If you don't have the "Jesus Storybook Bible," you need to go buy it RIGHT NOW. It is so so good.

Afterwards, we had some "Happy Birthday Jesus" carrot cake. Bought from scratch. Maybe I'll make my own next year. Maybe not.

Jonah being his sweet, cooperative, involved self. Ahem.

Waiting to open presents, playing with the train at Nana's house.

I was really excited about this gift for Mom.

A canvas of the four kids from our camping trip over the summer.

Jonah got lots of fun goodies. 

We ate leftovers at Mom's for dinner and then headed home to set out cookies for Santa...

... and let Jonah open the couple gifts we had for him (two books and a Hallmark red caboose ornament). We had to save his new PJs for the morning, since he always wakes up soaking wet.

Little Red Caboose lasted about 15 minutes on the tree before Jonah decided he needed to take it up to bed with him.

Santa spent a LONG TIME later that night putting together train track. He and Mrs. Claus are not very spatial people, it would seem. Anyway, it was so worth it to see his amazing Christmas morning response. I just want to bottle this age up and keep it forever. I love the wonder and innocence. 

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