Friday, November 4, 2011

a pathetic story of a pathetic girl, but it's not me

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was pathetic. Her name was P... B... D... Latrice.

She wanted her friend, Jenn, to take beautiful photos of her family for her Christm... Thanksg... Hanukkah cards.

Her friend, Jenn, said that she wanted to do it and that she didn't want to charge Latrice. But her friend, Jenn is also way too nice, works way too hard, and is often overwhelmed with work, in this case, work she wouldn't be getting paid for.

Latrice wanted to "pay" her but didn't really have the money anyway. What was a desperate girl (with a smashing new *hypothetical* hair cut, perfect for Ch... Hanukkah photos) to do?


Latrice found out that Jenn had entered this picture in a calendar contest for Truliant Federal Credit Union.

And if Jenn could get the most "likes" for her photo on Facebook, she'd win the cover spot and $500. So P... Latrice decided to try to get her lots of votes, so she could win that prize.

And then Latrice wouldn't feel so bad about taking advantage of her super photographer friend.

So if you'd like to help me Latrice out, feel free to click HERE and "like" Jenn's photo so she can win and get some income for her spectacular talents, and her poor, pathetic, desperate friend can rest easier.

I mean, if you want to. Whatever. What do I care? I don't even know the girl.

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