Thursday, November 3, 2011

jonah sings

These videos are from some time early last week. I really wish I could get him talking on video, and some of his grown up phrases, "I don't know either," "Good job, Guys!," "We did it!," "I can't (don't) want to," "Don't worry. Iss okay," and so on, but those come up in conversation, so it's hard to get on tape.

Here are some of his favorite songs though.

I thought it was "Skidamarinky" and then found out, when looking up how to spell it, that it's actually "Skinamarinky," so please excuse my mutilation of a completely made up term.


The only way I could get him to really sing was by turning the camera screen toward him so he could watch himself, which meant I couldn't see where I was filming, so please excuse the shakiness.

"Itsy Bitsy Spider"

"Jesus Loves Me"

"Jesus Loves Me" Outtake (HA HA HA HA HA! - It's like this ALL the time.)

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