Wednesday, October 5, 2011

this and that

Things are going pretty well around here. Jonah is over his cold and is holding his food down again. This weekend Matt's family is coming into town. Granny and Grandaddy up from SC and Kim, Andrew, and the kids down from NY. Kim's 20th high school reunion is Saturday, but lucky for us, we get to spend the whole weekend hanging out with them. We're heading to the fair this weekend too! I can't wait. I love the fair, and I think Jonah will really enjoy it this year. (And I'm running my first 5K on Saturday morning!!!)

Jonah went straight into class tonight with not so much as a glance back at us! No crying, no throwing up. Nothing. He's still struggling on Sunday mornings because we haven't been able to be as consistent on Sundays, but lots of progress!

I haven't gotten a recent update but Matt's Aunt Katherine is still in the hospital, so please keep praying. I know she is desperate to get home to her family.

And I don't really have any new photos of Jonah, but here is one I tried to take of us at our neighborhood block party Saturday.

Loving the cool weather! Loving fall! Loving life!

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