Tuesday, September 27, 2011

catching up

We have been really busy lately, which is good I suppose, but leaves little time for documenting the busyness. Things are going well, although Jonah woke up with a cold on Sunday morning, so he can't hold any food down right now because the congestion makes him throw up. Frustrating for all of us. This was my Facebook status around this time yesterday:

God has gone before us in all things. I especially know this when I have to clean up 8 oz of green puke off my living room rug. Thanking God that He saw to it that I bought a rug of the same color long before Mr. J came into the picture.

Lots of puke. Lots and lots of puke. But hopefully he'll be over the congestion in the next couple days and we can get back to (our version of) normal. He's staying in class on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights now, although he still cries and often vomits when we first leave him (congestion or no). No way to get his anxiety level down but to keep pushing through. And so we push on.

On Thursday Jonah had a dentist appointment with our awesome EB dentist in Chapel Hill. His teeth are small and don't have much enamel. They will never be normal sized, and once he has his permanent teeth, he will have to have surgery to crown them or cap them or something and may lose his teeth and have to have implants later in life. But for now, they're only baby teeth, and so far, thanks to God, he hasn't had any infection, cavities, or abscesses. So we keep doing what we're doing, and pray that the little teeth he does have stay healthy.

Jonah and Daddy waiting to see Dr. W.

On Saturday we went to the transportation museum because they were having a Day Out with Thomas! Jonah constantly watches Day Out with Thomas videos on youtube, so although it was $19 a person (WHAT?), we knew we had to do it. All of my photos are phone photos because it was supposed to rain all day, and I didn't want to have my nice camera out in the crappy weather. Thankfully it didn't rain, but still, camera photos it is.

On the way!!! He was so excited. I think this is the first time we've been able to talk about something or taking him somewhere ahead of time and he really gets what we're talking about. It was fun to see him anticipating it and getting really excited!

They had lots of cool model train tables set up, which Jonah (and I) loved.

Jonah's favorite thing to do was play at the train tables (although we had some slight sharing breakdowns), and he cried every time we'd pull him away to see the next thing.

He wasn't sure AT ALL about the giant engines everywhere, but we forced him to get a photo with one anyway. (Because we're excellent parents like that.)

Then it was time to take our 4:30 ride on Thomas!

He only cried a tiny bit when I carried him on the train but was in Train Heaven by the time we got to our seats.

We didn't get a photo of Jonah with Thomas because the lines were long and we had to get him home for a tube feed (we had already let him skip lunch), but it was a great day overall. He really had a good time.

And then he woke up the next day sick. Bummer.

Sorry to those of you who follow me on Twitter, because I know these are photos you've already seen but I just haven't taken many on my other camera lately. 

How are things coming along with your monthly service opportunities? Are you going to be ready to blog or Facebook them on October 15th? I can't wait to hear how God has been moving!!!

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