Thursday, September 22, 2011

and we have a miracle!

Email I got earlier today from my sister in law:

Hi Friends,

I am THRILLED to report this update from a friend at the hospital via a text she just sent out:

Please keep praying, lots of recovery but pretty good news...
Per Melanie from the dr...
Apparently the stroke Hallie had destroyed the tumor remaining on the damaged area of her brain. They couldn't find the tumor bits but they took a bit of the damaged area to test for cancer but could not see any cancer. Said that this operation was as easy as the first time was difficult. :) Now she is still under and getting a feeding tube in her belly and the portacath in her chest for possible chemotherapy in the future. She is known as the miracle baby here :) !!!! 

Is our God amazing or what? I'll try to keep you updated on Hallie's continued progress, but thank you so much for praying! I know her family is so thankful. Thank you, God!

And on another, not-at-all-important-in-the-scheme-of-things, note -

I finally got my hair cut today like I've wanted to have it cut (but chickened out every time) for the last 12 (yes, TWELVE) years.

I done gone and done it. And I love it! (But maybe ask me tomorrow once I've had to wash and style it myself. It will not involve a round brush, flat iron, and molding paste like it did tonight. I can tell you that right now.)

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