Tuesday, August 9, 2011

boring post (i warned you)

We're doing well. Not a whole lot to report. Sarah is home visiting this week, so it's been nice to have her around. She had to turn in her final Spanish paper today for her summer class, so I had to dust off my ol' Spanish skills and do some editing. Fun stuff (she would probably not say the same).

Have I told y'all that I'm going camping this weekend? I cannot remember the last time I went for-real camping. It was long before I was pregnant with Gabe. It's going to be a siblings only trip. My brother, my two sisters, and I are heading to Boone on Friday afternoon for the weekend. I am so pumped. I don't know that we've ever done something just the four of us. Peyton was already living in Greenville for college when Shaina was born (they are 19 years apart) and spouses and kiddos came along before we knew it. I am really going to treasure this weekend. (So pray for no rain, okay?) It will be my first weekend away from Jonah, so I'm anxious at the same time. (So pray for rain, okay?... just kidding.)

It would probably be good if I set up my tent to make sure it hasn't dry rotted and pump up my air mattress (what, I have back issues) to make sure it has no leaks. I would rather not find out those two things when it's too late.

Nothing much else to say. Jonah has feeding therapy tomorrow, and Sarah and I will be meal list making and grocery shopping for the trip this weekend.

I leave you with this photo of Jonah from last week. Just because.

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carla said...

Hi Patrice, camping sounds like fun, especially with your brothers & sisters. You need some time for yourself to stay sane.
I don't think we live very far apart. I live in Taylors, SC. I'm going up to Greensboro next week to spend a few days with my cousin. We have lived on opposite ends of the country for about 30 years, so we have lots to catch up on.
I would love to meet you, Matt, & Jonah. I became interested in EB a couple of years ago when a friend introduced me to Bella's Blog.
My email is vlyindian75@gmail.com or private message me on facebookand I could send you my phone number. I'm a retired nurse (because of my back), and finally get to be a housewife after being a nurse for 31 years. I look forward to meeting you and your family.
Carla Spradlin