Friday, July 29, 2011

thirty one fundraiser for baby A

Okay, I've been a total slacker as far as Baby A goes, but things are settling down now that the yard sale and spring cleaning/organizing is over, so here I am (again). Ready to fundraise (again)!

I asked V for a breakdown of the costs so here goes:

$375 application fee
$3500 due at time dossier is being prepared
$1925 at time child is matched (after 1st) trip
$900 USCIS
$2500 home study
$600 psych. evaluations
$100 paperwork apostilled
$8,500 Support and service fee
$200- $500 for visas per trip per person. We have to make 2 trips so this will be about $1,600
$1700 Parent medical exam
$1,200 first trip $1500 second trip for transportation
$70 dollars per pick up and drop off from the air port
$150 notarize childs paperwork
 $6000 air plane tickets
$150 per day Hotel about $3,600 for both trips
$50 per day for meals $1200
$200 for childs medical exam
$120 childs passport
$40 childs photo for pass port
$420 childs visa

They've raised a lot, but still need $14,000 more. Well, I committed to helping raise the money until A gets home, so we'll just keep on keepin' on. If you don't know Baby A's story, he's an orphan in Eastern Europe with EB whose parents took his healthy twin home but left him abandoned at the hospital. Sad and not fair are understatements.

Anyway, we currently have a Thirty-One fundraiser going on over on A's fundraising site, so CLICK HERE to check it out. 
The fall line is awesome and through August everything is 15% off, and almost all of it is new! Fundraiser ends August 22nd. (And be on the look out next week. We'll be auctioning off some Starbucks coffee!)

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