Sunday, July 17, 2011

these are the days (of summer)

Jonah's breakfast.

Watching trains while he "eats".

"Enough Already, Mom!"

Switching youtube videos himself.

All clean after dressing change. Before nap.

Stupid blur. It was so cute.

After nap, wearing his potty chair on his head.

Playing with the dryer light.

Trucks and trains. In Jonah's world, it doesn't get any better.

Watching his shows and eating his bandages. 

Me: Hellooooo, I can see you, ya know.

Blending black beans. His favorite thing to eat by mouth!
(We've been doing lunch by mouth every day for the last three weeks or so. HOORAY!)

Dinner time!

Post-dinner, Pre-bedtime wrestling with Dad. This happens every night.

It cooled off for a couple of days so we were able to get outside!

And that's pretty much how it's going these days, plus or minus an across town trip to Nana's house.

It's sometimes not ideal, but it's our life, and I'm thankful. (And Jonah sure doesn't seem to know the difference.)


CareTaking Daughter said...

He is so adorable and that smile is over-the-moon!!!

So glad you were able to get outside a little while, and hoping for more cool weather for you all (although I do I realize the odds.)

Here in wqestern WA (Seattle) it is 65 today and this is pretty much our sumnmner, although we do get about 2 weeks of warmer weather in September. We'd love to have you come visit sometime and you can, most likely, spend the entire time outside and out on the boat.

Angela said...

He is such a big boy!


SarahBandFamily said...

He's a doll!! So happy too - I love that. One tip on the pictures - try moving your aperture up. The lower it is, the more blur you'll have when subjects are moving, which I'm guessing he's moving a lot. :)