Friday, July 22, 2011

this and that... again. Again.

I really want to say something clever about these photos, but I got nothin'. Not sure what my problem is. Maybe it has something to do with minimal adult socialization and the 1,000 degree temperature outside. Not sure. But anyway, here are some photos. Jonah is cute. That is all.

I wasn't torturing him. He wanted my camera. The camera is a definite off limits. And not many things are, so I don't feel bad about it. Even when he gives me the old "life is so unfair" fake cry. I'm an oak.


I haven't heard from Courtney today. I texted her but haven't heard back. I know she's completely overwhelmed, but if I get any update I'll let you know. I'm assuming things are the same meaning that Tripp is in excruciating pain unless on mega doses of pain meds. A huge prayer movement has started (continued?) for him. You can join Facebook prayer groups HERE or HERE and check out the Prayer Vigil Facebook/Real Life event for him HERE.

In less sad news, John (Ivan) and Carson are orphans no longer! The Cannells returned to Eastern Europe after their 10 day waiting period, and the boys are both in their custody now (per her FB update; the blog hasn't been updated yet). They will soon get to finally come home. You guys were instrumental in getting them there. Thank you so very much. Words sound cheap. You've helped change (and save) their lives.

It is important to remember in the good and bad, that God is good. All of the time. Things in this world do not make sense. Tripp should not have to be suffering so much. Carson and Ivan should not have been abandoned and left in orphanages for the first parts of their lives. But God can bring good out of anything as he proves over and over and over again. I'm glad to serve a God who knows our journeys and has already gone before us. We could never do it on our own. Praise God we don't have to.

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