Saturday, June 18, 2011

quick prayer request

This will be quick because Matt and I are going to work on organizing the garage/start yard sale pricing stuff tonight. But I did want to mention that Jonah has been really hoarse and wheezing for the last three days. Matt and I suspect he has some blistering in his trachea and so his airway is at least partially constricted. I talked to Dr. Heather (his NICU doctor) today and described what was going on. She said she doesn't think he's in immediate danger yet (not retracting, color is good), but that if he gets any worse (stridor gets louder, retracting, color changes, rapid breathing), we need to take him into the Emergency Department. If he stays the same, I'll take him to the pediatrician on Monday. But hopefully he'll be fully restored by then.

Trying not to get discouraged with "It's always something" and be thankful. It doesn't help my attitude much that I spent the entire day sorting and pricing TONS of baby boy clothes, hardly any of which either of my sweet boys ever got to wear. So much of it is new and has only been washed twice - once before Gabe and once before Jonah. And there are also many many things that are new with tags. Having to sell them feels so... final. I don't know. I shed some tears. It's been hard. Anyway, we're having a yard sale on July 9th, so if you live close by and you have a baby boy, you should come. I would love some of these clothes to go to families who know our story. Either way, it's time to close the door on old dreams and start focusing on our new ones.

No church for us tomorrow given Jonah's fragile state right now, but I hope all of you have a blessed weekend.

I'll keep you posted on Jonah if there is any change, one way or the other. As always, thank you for your prayers.

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