Thursday, June 23, 2011

last weekend

First of all, sorry to scare you guys with the below video. I promise I would use words if there were any drastic change in any of the EB kids' conditions, especially Tripp's. I didn't know he was going to be the freeze frame when I posted it. Sorry I gave many of you a heart attack. I know Tripp would probably be "mean" to me (smile), but I would LOVE to go to Louisiana to meet him. I love that kid.

The Cannells are in Eastern Europe now (left on Monday) to spend 8 weeks doing all kinds of legal stuff, court dates, traveling, waiting etc to get their boys! Because of several different blogs posting, a couple of fundraisers, and a MIRACLE from God, they raised all the money they needed (over $40,000) in just a few weeks. WOW! If you aren't following their story, Karrie is updating on their blog HERE.

Okay, now to our weekend. Even though Jonah wasn't breathing great, we tried to get him out a little this weekend. It has been very hot here so we tried to get him out while we could. Kernersville was having their Summerfest with live beach music, food vendors and a few rides. Mom kept Jonah one night so Matt and I could go, and then we took Jonah a couple nights later.

Last week's Project 52 theme was "Make it Tasty," so I took lots of photos of food, before settling on the topping dispenser photo. Matt and I went to a frozen yogurt place after this. It was all in the name of Project 52, I swear.


This photo is blurry because I had to crop it way in, but I thought this was hilarious.

Matt wanted me to take a picture of him in Las Vegas.

I wanted him to take a photo of me in Montana. Sometimes I am certain we could not be more different. (Also, this photo is my motivation to complete Couch to 5K (Day 3 is tomorrow). I've gained 10 lbs in the last 8 months. That's crazy! I feel so crappy about myself. I just want to be healthy!!!)

Matt walked the entire United States and knew every state. Again, with the "we couldn't be more different." I pretty much only knew NC and its surrounding states. And of course the big ones, especially Texas, you know, the state where all my friends are moving. That one. (Thanks to Matt for showing me which one Montana was! To my credit, I did know its general whereabouts.)

Trying to tell Jonah that he loves trains, remember?

"I know you want to take a photo of me with the train, Mom, but this isn't exactly natural."

I die.

Nana bought Jonah a bubble gun! Coolest toy ever. Matt has enjoyed it as well.

About as close to the train as he would get. He really did love it (screaming in excitement: Choo-Choo, TRAIN!, All Aboard!, Chugga-Chugga, Here it comes!) but he just wanted to love it from a distance.

I die. Again.

This picture is funny and a little sad. He wanted to love the fire truck from WAY far away.

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