Sunday, May 22, 2011

our saturday

Yesterday we went to Holly Springs to celebrate Katie's youngest daughter, Quinn's, second birthday. She may just be the cutest (female) two year old in history. She is so laid back and super sweet and got so excited about every present (like fake hyperventilating). I just loved watching her. She has such a sweet spirit, and I have to say, I wouldn't be mad if she ends up being my future daughter-in-law. 

(But for that to happen her future husband is going to have to get over his bad-birthday-attitude blues and learn to share. No nap did not work in his favor yesterday.)

Well, we're off to church. I would have been more than happy for Jesus to have come back yesterday, but since he didn't (shocker), that means He is still has work for us to do. Hope you enjoy your beautiful Sunday and find a way to love on others.

**And if you can't think of anything, I know of two little boys who could use your  $5.00.** :)

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