Saturday, April 30, 2011

tweetsie railroad

We took Jonah to Tweetsie today and had a blast. He rode the big train, a little mouse train that went through a long tunnel, the carousel, and the bus up the mountain. I know that doesn't sound like much but he gets so nervous and freaks out about anything like that. He won't even ride the little dragon/train etc rides at the grocery store. I was so proud of him. He ate his lunch by mouth like a champ and only puked a little when we tube fed him on the ride home. :) He LOVED it all, and we loved spending the time with him and having a "normal family" day. We got lots of looks, a few nicely stated questions, a few remarks made when people thought we couldn't hear them (and were even POINTING at him), and one stare down (to which I responded with a death look cause I'm mature like that), but overall we were able to just ignore and live. On the flip side, we got recognized by a blog reader who squealed "JONAH!" and gave me a huge hug! (I love it when y'all say "hi") It was a wonderful day with beautiful weather. I'm so thankful.

Terrified (but not crying) after the loud guns followed by the loud train whistle.

My heart breaks for Tuscaloosa and other places that were hit so hard by tornadoes. Have y'all seen this site? It shows satellite images of Tuscaloosa before and after the tornadoes. Really devastating and puts a whole heck of a lot of stuff in perspective. One of our best friends, Trent, lives in Tuscaloosa and Matt's Aunt and Uncle live in Birmingham. They and their homes are okay. But many many of their friends and coworkers have lost their homes and everything they own. We really don't have much to complain about.

Hope you all have a great worship-filled, restful Sunday.

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