Monday, April 4, 2011

this and that

We have had a great couple of days. Well, for the most part. We did make it to church yesterday. Jonah made it 10 minutes in his big boy class before he lost it and they had to page us. I spent the rest of the time in the baby nursery with him, just letting him play. It's a frustrating fine line between making him stay in class and work it out (praying he doesn't vomit all over everyone and his bandages) and going to get him so he doesn't have a negative association with Sunday School. He's so dependent on us in so many ways. We hardly ever leave him, and when we do it's with one of our moms or Kathryn. So I can't really expect him to accept this change automatically without some separation anxiety issues. We'll try again next week and hope we make it to 15 minutes! :)

We had friends (eight adults, seven kids total) over last night. It was BYOM (bring your own meat) to grill and then we each prepared a side or dessert. LOTS of fun and great fellowship (except that Jonah was a whiny pain in the patootie). We loved playing in the yard, throwing frisbee, hanging out on the back deck, and enjoying the outdoors. Between Allegra, Singulair, Flonaze, and saline spray, I'm surviving the outdoors so far. :) 

Having friends over just reiterates to me how much I love our house. It's not big, but it's not too small. I was just telling our friends last night how I feel like God really led us to this house specifically, knowing what our future held. The living room and kitchen get tons of light from four windows in the living room, a glass storm door in the front, and a sliding glass door going out to the deck. The deck is covered and has two ceiling fans. Our backyard is fenced in and has lots of space to run and play. This wasn't the house I wanted. I loved a little charming house in downtown Kernersville with hardly any yard and barely a driveway. But daggone it, it was adorable and it had arched doorways, toilets up on platforms, hard wood floors, and buttloads of charm. It was about $12,000 out of our price range. This one was way more practical. But I would say that I agreed to make an offer on it begrudgingly. But God knew that we would need our outdoor space to host family and friends when our Gabe died. He knew that Jonah would need that cool back deck when it was too bright to be in the sun. He knew that we would need our basement space to convert to Jonah's dressing change/supplies area. He knew we would be confined to our house A LOT and needed a place that would be bright and sunny on the inside, even when it was too hot to be outside. I have painted most every wall (except the halls and one and a half bathrooms), and  now it's our little house, and I'm just so thankful for it. I don't know why I started rambling on about that. I'm just happy here is all I'm saying. (But if any more of my friends move to Texas I might have to see about getting my cute little house transplanted to The Lone Star State.)

Today was beautiful and breezy and felt just like the beach. It was everything about the beach I love (a warm breeze) minus the things that make it terrible for Jonah (sand, ocean, heat, hot sun). We spent a lot of time out on the deck today playing, had a great feeding therapy session with the great, wonderful, amazing, Ms. Lisa, and then we went to AC Moore and Michaels with Granny today to get flowers for Gabe's spot. And we picked up Five Guys for dinner. Good day.

And now we're watching basketball. Yeehaw. Go Butler.... or something. Maybe I'll go read a book. I'm just oozing sports enthusiasm these days, in case you hadn't noticed. 

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