Wednesday, April 6, 2011

jonah cuteness

Yesterday, Matt's mom, Jonah, and I went over to the cemetery to put flowers on family graves. Gabe got a girly bouquet this go round because they didn't have the one I ordered ready, and I couldn't wait. But they were pretty, and I'm not sure how flowers are ever very manly anyway. :) He doesn't care, and I'm okay with it (this time) so all is well. 

On the way there, we saw an ambulance, a motorcycle, two or three school buses, a mail truck, and a couple tractor trailers. It was transportation GOLD, folks. And then, THEN, while we were there, we saw a tractor with an excavator and a bulldozer, and a train came by on the tracks that run right by the cemetery. Jonah was seriously 20 feet from the train as it passed. He wasn't scared at all. It's the first time he's seen one in real life like that. It was just a lot of "TRAIN!" and "Choo-Choo" and overall adorableness. 

AND WE HAVE PLANS TO GO TO TWEETSIE AT THE END OF APRIL! It may be a disaster, but I think he's going to love it. And we don't have to ride the big scary train if it seems like it'll be too much. I can't wait!

Here are some photos from yesterday.

Tomorrow is Jonah's appointment with a new ENT. He's healthy now and I'm glad, but I'm still happy we're getting set up with (hopefully) a great, understanding, doctor. It's at 2:10. Matt is coming with me and then working from home the rest of the day. 

Hope you're all having a great week! Don't forget about the Luna B Tee fundraiser to benefit Anton. Great for birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter (Easter orders must be in by tomorrow!), or anything you can think of. 

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