Monday, April 11, 2011

our day and mono?

We've had a pretty good day. I told my dressing change help not to come, since we are unsure what kind of germs are lurking in our house, but I did dressing change all by myself! For the very first time! (Unless you count yesterday when Matt slept on the basement couch while I did it.) It went really well. I'm not ready to make a habit of it just yet because Jonah is so inconsistent with his freak-outedness levels, but today went really really well. We're on our way (hopefully)!

This afternoon we took some things to be mailed, stopped by my OBGYN to let them meet Jonah (I know, I know... two years, ridiculous), and then stopped by the park before coming home. It was a little too hot, so we didn't get to stay long, but Jonah really enjoyed the few minutes we got to spend. He even let me twirl him on the merry go round.

Matt went back to the doctor this morning. They are suspecting Mono, but we will know in two to three days when his blood test comes back. He's had a very severe sore throat, achiness, chills, probably a fever, and overall fatigue. If it's not Mono, it's some kind of kick-butt virus that I hope nobody catches. It ain't pretty, folks. (And I have about as much compassion as a green pea, so needless to say, we aren't on the best terms right now. I don't know what my issue is, but there's a lot of selfish resentment on my part that he can go sleep for hours and/or not set up or do dressing change, and that is NEVER an option for me. Jonah won't even let me take a nap if he's awake in the house. Lots of banging and crying at the door. It's not Matt's fault, but makes me mad nonetheless. I am not a very nice or sensitive person when it comes to sick husband... just trying to keep it real here on the old blawg.) If it's Mono, I guess I'll have another five weeks to practice and get it right. Sigh. We do still plan to go on vacation, knowing to be careful about coughs/sneezes, niece and nephew kisses, and eating after each other. Hopefully Matt can just hole up in the bedroom and get some rest if he needs to since I'll have so much help with Jonah.

And to lighten the "Patrice sure is a jerk" mood, here is an email Matt sent me today.

In the grocery store, I overheard some guy on the phone frustrated, presumably at a foreign person with whom he was having to discuss an issue. He said, “Could you put somebody on the phone that is more better at talking?”

Ahh... the people. They make me giggle (and also want to cry a little).

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