Sunday, April 17, 2011

asheville, day two

We've had a pretty laid back day today. We headed out after Jonah ate lunch to go eat at Fuddruckers (or Fubbruckas as my MawMaw would say). Jonah did great! We could have set sat remained seated stayed there another 20 minutes at least. I bought some new toys from Discovery Toys, Amazon, and Target and packed him a bag of never-before-seen-or-played-with-toys. We only got through two toys and we probably sat there an hour. I was amazed. He did so great! He slept for five minutes today, freaked out when we put him to bed, threw up, and finally fell asleep about thirty minutes ago. That was a pain, but what are you gonna do? I can't make him sleep and if I force him to go, he throws up. At home he gladly goes to bed and often asks to do so, but when he knows he's missing out on something and is sleeping in a strange place in a pack-n-play all bets are off. After lunch, the girls went to grocery shop, and we had Taco Salad for dinner. Good day.

Tomorrow we plan to do Biltmore. We'll see how it goes.

A few photos from today.

Grandaddy and Will on the back deck.

Our amazing view of Asheville.

Beautiful butterflies during Gabe's week. Thank you, God.

Cool, artsy furniture.

Abby and Grant during an intense game of Chess.

At Fuddruckers. My aperture was wrong. Oops.

Hey, who's that cutie?

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