Wednesday, April 20, 2011

asheville, day five

Jonah reached his exhaustion limit today, so it was a little less relaxing but we still had a good time. We were going to go to a Asheville Tourists game, but it was raining at start time, so we opted out. Instead, we went to Mast General Store, Mellow Mushroom for lunch (where Jonah fought his feeding by mouth and then proceeded to throw up all over himself), and bowling in the afternoon. (Kim would like me to insert here that she more than doubled her little brother's score, with a whopping 143 game. Matt scored somewhere in the 60's. He stopped trying to knock down pins and started trying to go for fastest roll. I'm fairly certain he started this game, though, because he was getting his butt whooped by a girl.) Jonah had a MAJOR freak out attack when we came back, certainly his low moment for the week so far, but recovered after dinner and went down easy tonight. I'm off to bed soon myself. No set plans for tomorrow so no getting up at 6:45 like I've had to the last two days. Hooray! On a sad note, Aunt Melanie had to leave us today, so we're a relative down, but we definitely loved having her. These are from last night and today.

One of Jonah's favorite games to play is "Knock Grant and/or Abby down on the floor."


 Playing with mini-tractors on the floor of Mast General Store.

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