Friday, March 18, 2011

the last couple of days

Jonah's had an okay day. He's been pretty fussy and really ticked that he had to come inside when it got too hot. It bugs me that 80 degrees and BEAUTIFUL is too hot for him. We are both going to lose it this summer. I have had a killer sinus headache most of the day, so I've been pretty pissy and unpleasant myself. Jonah is in bed and I am soon behind him. Tomorrow is a new day! On a bright note, Matt took Thursday afternoon and all day today off from work to watch basketball, so it's been really great to have his help, but most of all his company, these last couple days.

I don't know where this week has gone. It was Saturday and all of a sudden it's Friday. Some of them drag on and on but this one has flown by. On Wednesday, one of my best friend's daughter's had surgery on her ear (they had to remove some sort of cyst and hope to restore her hearing in that ear with an additional surgery down the road). Matt stayed with Jonah on Wednesday night, so I could go for a visit. She was so tired and grumpy, and I felt so sad because usually she is wearing a contagious smile and has a bubbly spirit... just like her mommy. I saw her today though, and she's feeling MUCH better.

Last night, I went to my friend Lindsey's house for our monthly scrapbooking (cropping?... that sounds so weird) night. I did four pages in three and a half hours. I got stuck on my first two page spread and Lindsey and I had some serious catching up to. The hang out time is just as, if not more, important than the scrapbook progress. I've switched to Matt's Aunt Katherine's block template style and I'm loving it! No real need for embellishment, which I'm really bad at. The photos can speak for themselves, and all you have to really do is a title and a journal box. Here are the pages I did last night.

(Yes, I'm doing pages of October 2009 in March 2011. What's your point?)

Anyway, things are okay. Jonah is still coughing at night, and his breathing is not right during the day or night. He's now sleeping with a humidifier, a Vicks plug-in, Vicks on his feet with socks, and Triaminic in his system. I know it's not recommended for kids his age, but I gave him a small, safe dose and we are desperate. MUST PROTECT THE TRACHEA. I'm excited to see his new ENT on the 7th and discuss a plan for when this happens, seeing as how it happens every few weeks. I'm thinking an inhaler or breathing treatments may be involved. Poor buddy. I'm so afraid that the more it happens, the more permanent damage he may have. Praying that I'm wrong. I know it's in God's hands, but for goodness sakes, I need someone to be proactive about this. We are not in a good pattern.

Hope you all have a blessed weekend. It's going to be a busy week on Hope For Anton, so make sure you subscribe or put it in Google Reader or whatever it is you do, so you can keep up! 

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