Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm in a weird mood

I have about a million things I should be doing right now, but honestly I just don't want to. And you know what, I live on the edge. Like today, I had two hot dogs and a hot fudge sundae for lunch. And guess what? I ate the hot fudge sundae FIRST. There is at least ONE perk to being an adult. I'll let you know if I come up with any others. The whole paying bills and dealing with ones insecurities and emotional baggage trump most everything else I can come up with at the moment.

Did I mention that I'm getting allergy shots now?I have crazy bad allergies. Last Spring I was on a 24 hour Zyrtec at night, a 24 hour Claritin in the morning, and a Benadryl in the afternoon. And I was still miserable. I went and got evaluated in January, I think, and I'm allergic to dogs, cats, pollen, ragweed, grass and maybe some other stuff. My grass allergy is crazy bad, in the top 10 to 20%. I think the doctor's actual words were "impressive." Not in a good way, it would seem. I get six shots a week - three on Tuesdays and three on Thursdays. 
My first time, I made the mistake of holding Jonah on my opposite hip while they were shooting me in my left arm. He's so active and mobile these days, I didn't know what else to do. As they were putting the second shot in my left arm, Jonah tried to dive to the floor from my right hip. I had to use my left arm to catch him... yep, the one with the needle in it. Good times. By the way, you should see how surprised people look when Jonah and I are in the allergist office, and I am the one they call back for shots.

I am in love with Avon's Smooth Minerals makeup. You use two similar shade foundations, a translucent powder on top and blush. It's so light and well, smooth, and it covers and stays without looking like I'm wearing much makeup. I like it so much, in fact, that I bought it for my best friend for her birthday in October and for my youngest sister for Christmas. But you do have to follow the instructions on how to wear it. I remember Shaina calling me the first time saying she looked like an Oompa. Loompa.
Good news, she has now been deloompafied. (Which is a good thing because I happen to be terrified of Oompa Loompas... something about that song... and their ghostly white eyebrows... and their freakish hips... and their robotic bobbing and weaving... it all gives me the heebie jeebies.)

My dad came down on Tuesday to install Jonah's swing on our back deck. We all went to Lowes together to get the hooks and chain he needed. Jonah was HILARIOUS and had a great time! He spent the whole time running walking as fast as he could through the aisles, waving his hands, squealing in delight, saying "hi" or "bye" (he gets confused) to everyone we passed. On the other hand, taking The Toddler to Target or the grocery store by yourself is the opposite of fun because he wants to do the aforementioned things and refuses to stay in the cart without screaming bloody murder. Apparently, he thinks he's grown. It's very hard to wrangle your two year old down the needed aisle because, for the love of all things absorbent, you just need some paper towels, when he has other plans. Hold me.

We have a bird feeder out on our back deck that we fill with sunflower seeds. We have a set of cardinals, some wrens, and a finch or two who regularly stop by. But blast it all, we also have a very pesky squirrel who apparently has an affinity for sunflower seeds. 
It's not that I mind the squirrel so much. It's just that he or she (probably he) scares all the birds away and eats all the bird feed at an alarming rate. My father in law suggested putting cayenne pepper in the seed because apparently the squirrels can taste it and the birds can't, but I just haven't been able to do it yet. Partly because I am schmuck for (probably rabid) squirrels and partly because I bet there are some "Squirrels Are People Too" judgies out there who would give me a hard time about it. But goodness, have you seen the price for sunflower seeds lately? (Oh, me neither. I'm not the bird feed buyer around here, but I'm sure it's ridiculous.)

I am trying desperately to make it through the whole Bible in 2011. I'm reading the New Living Translation One Year Bible. 
I've really been enjoying it until I hit the Exodus 30's. I have to say the Tabernacle stuff is really dragging me down. I mean, I'm not doubting God's choice of what to include in the Bible or anything, but "inspired" is not exactly the word that comes to mind when I'm reading the dimensions of tables and altars, and how they made the curtains. Maybe God put that in there for the Crafties??? No worries though. I will push through. Because the good stuff is coming after Exodus. You know, Leviticus. Sigh.

On a not-ridiculous note, I put up a set of photograph greeting cards on Hope for Anton. CJ donated the 10 pack of cards, and we are auctioning them off for Anton's Adoption Fund. 
Check them out and bid HERE if you have a chance. It would be especially great for those of you out there who are Crafties. Just admit it. You guys like Exodus, don't you?

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