Saturday, February 12, 2011

cutie in a cloth diaper

Jonah has no need for crawling these days. That was so 2010.

I like this next picture because you can see the Aquaphor/Polysporin prints on the dresser. This is what everything in our house looks like, including our clothes. :)

Blurry, but too cute to resist. Having a child that walks and moves toward the camera very quickly has made photo taking much more challenging than I imagined.

We have a had a good day getting things done around the house. Well, laundry mainly. We had such a tower of dirty clothes balancing on top of the laundry bin that last night, I put my shirt on top and they ALL fell into a heap on the floor. I yelled "JENGA!" as they fell. I wish I was kidding. I ran some errands this afternoon, while Jonah and Daddy played outside and did laundry. Jonah hasn't felt great today. He's still throwing up the majority of his meals, and he was running a low-grade fever for part of the day. He definitely seemed like he felt worse today, so no church for us tomorrow. Bummed, but I know how I feel when there's a snotty kid in the nursery. I don't want to get the other kiddos sick. 

I ordered Jonah some more cloth diapers from my friend Jen (Serwa Chic), and they came today!

Her diapers are so adorable and she finds the cutest fabrics. These are her All-In-Ones, and she's modified them to be "EB Safe". She made several modifications for Jonah, the main one being that she loosened the elastic so it wouldn't be tight on his legs. She's such a good (and super talented!) friend. Texas, you are very lucky but should you decide you don't want her, feel free to send her back this way. Preferably with buckets of chocolate. And Cheetos. Thank you.

Aren't they so cute? 

My kid's gonna have the cutest patootie this side of the Mississippi. I love me a cute cloth diaper butt. (Oh, Jude, I miss you!)

(This post was interrupted by Jonah waking up, puking all over himself while lying down, and choking on lots of mucus. I've completely lost my train of thought. Things are okay, but prayers for Jonah would be appreciated. Poor thing.)


Meghan said...

Lots of prayers for Jonah! And I had forgotten how much I love all the cute cloth diapers! I used to love online shopping for them.

Millicent said...

Those pictures are so cute! It's like Jonah has his own little version of baby legs!
Diapers are adorable!!!!

Fiveboys said...

Patrice - I have never commented before but just LOVE your blog. You are so blessed to have Jonah in your lives. Thank you for living your life somewhat in public - it inspires me to love harder. I have 5 kids of my own (all boys!) and love reading about other mom's lives. Many prayers going out today for Jonah. Every time you write about him throwing up, I think that you are SUPERmom. Wow. I do NOT do throw up. I guess if my kids threw up that much, though, I'd do it otherwise I wouldn't be doing my kids at all! ;o) Anyway, prayers for you too, as you seem to be in the perpetual land of puke!

Soldier Mama said...

Your pictures are soo cute - I love the bright cloth diaper pictures. If I was going to have another baby - I would so use cloth diapers just to be able to order those cute one! And, Jonah -is getting so big - he is cuter every day!! Sure hope he starts feeling better and stops puking!!

stiner0305 said...

oh is just cute as a button!! go jonah!! loved cloth diapers on my youngest one and now that he is potty trained i miss my fluff.

Laura A said...

Praying for that sweet boy to feel much better VERY soon! We're home from church this AM too - Ashleigh (5-yr old) is all junky and feverish. ugh.

Those have to be the cutest diaper pictures I have ever seen! LOVE how he's getting around so well! The diapers are really cool, too - if #6 ever shows up at our house I may have to look Jen up! (EEEK!) :)

Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Love from TX,

Nick, Lindsey, and Anniston Kennedy said...

Too cute! My nephew, Tyson, has ictheosis (spelling?) and he has to constantly have aquaphor on or other lotions (we call it being greased) so I totally understand the aquaphor everywhere! His poor clothes even feel weird after being washed. Praying for Jonah!!

BarbaraL said...

Haven't written in awhile, but pray all the while. Jonah is growing and getting more beautiful (if possible) every minute. He has the cutest eyes & smile.. & the best pouty lip ever!!! Like the "he-man" walk... the kid's got style. :-) :-)
The diapers are the "wowin-est"... they will be just the new thing this spring & summer... with those colors & patterns no looking for bulky shorts or pants for Jonah. He' has his wardrobe all planned out. Watch out Momma, that boy is gonna be struttin' down the avenue!
Thank you for sharing your lives with us,
Barbara Lyman :-)
Marysville, WA
ps any update on Anton??

Anonymous said...

hugs to jonah! hope he's feeling better soon :)

love the diapers - how do those compare to fuzzibunz (if you've used FB). i love the prints and i'm guessing aoll-in-ones get laundered the same? i may have to check them out!

hugs all around!