Monday, February 14, 2011

anton update

Last I heard, there are a few families showing interest in Anton. That is great news! I have no idea whether or not they have "EB experience" or qualify or not, but interest is good! I love that little boy so much. I dreamed I met him last night. It was one of those incredibly real dreams, and he was just as wonderful as I imagined. There is some hopeful news, and I'm just praying that Anton will be in the best possible place, and that things move forward and that Anton stays relatively healthy in the time it takes. Another bit of good news I found out is that the orphanage won't take him because of his condition. I suppose that's good news anyway. But the hospital is still trying to get rid of him, so I don't really know what that means. There was rumor of him being moved to a burn center, but nothing definitive.

Here's the most important thing though. Whenever a family does get to the approved, committed point, it may cost around $40,000 to adopt him. That is a ton of money, and Anton should not have to suffer because of the expense. I have 910 followers on this blog. There are 75 followers on Hope for Anton. If all of you who read this could hop over there and donate $5... just imagine how far we could get. PLUS, there is an awesome Thirty-One Fundraiser and a delicious Tastefully Simple Fundraiser going on over there, with a new opportunity coming on Thursday. You can get Christmas shopping done (way) early AND help Anton come home. Will you please consider it? I'm not one to beg for money and I'm certainly not trying to play the guilt card, but God has put Anton heavy on my heart and I feel like there is a reason he's using this blog and that blog to raise awareness and funds for Anton. I don't want him to run out of time. I don't want money to be what holds him there. Please, no matter what you do, pray for him and at least let people know what fundraisers are going on, even if you don't have the funds yourself. Help spread the word.

Thank you so much, as always.

Oh yeah, I took Jonah to the doctor today. She says his lungs sound clear and his ears look okay. She thinks it's just cold/virus/sinuses but has started him on antibiotics just in case. The last two nights he has woken up, puking and choking, and last night, even after he went back to sleep, he coughed all night long. But so far tonight, he is sleeping. I pray that he can sleep peacefully tonight. Thank you so much for caring.


megan said...

Hi Patrice. I love your heart. I read your blog daily, and never ever have you sounded like you were begging for money. You are just a mom, with a different set of challenges, and a heart that longs for a cure for these sweet babies. Could this years auction benefit his adoption fund? Just an idea!

The Englings said...

Hi Patrice-
I am a regular reader of your blog. I visited the Hope For Anton site and made a donation. I also posted the blog on my Facebook page, hoping to spread the word about this sweet little boy. God Bless you for doing what you are doing to help this child. I am happy to hear that the Doctor doesn't think Jonah has anything serious and I hope he feels better soon.

Ebe said...

Hey Patrice. I've been following along and reading and of course praying for at least a year now.
We are a poor seminary family, but I am committed to praying for Anton. I posted his story on my facebook page and asked for prayers.
Rest in God's sovereignty tonight. He has sweet Anton in his hands.


p.s. There are almost 2,400 subscribers to your blog... God is working.

Laura A said...

Hi Patrice-

Glad Jonah's lungs are clear - praying for a restful night!

Going to spread the word about Hope for Anton (and am gonna buy me some SERIOUS Tastefully Simple stuff - oh man!) I'm praying for him and his "forever family" - I SO wish we could adopt him!

Thank you for keeping after all of us to be "salt and light" in whatever way we can!

Love from TX,

justdawn said...

Wild Olive Tees does adoption fundraisers...maybe you can contact them to arrange one for Anton?

I am a long time reader but rarely comment. I just wanted to let you know that Anton is in my prayers and I am in awe over what God can do with the help of His followers and the internet.

Karrie said...

I just donated and it's super easy.
Praying for this sweet boy and thank you for advocating for him.


Sarah-Anne said...

AH, that's GREAT news, patrice! God is working His magic right in front of our eyes. can't wait to see more news on this cutie!

Sarah said...

I'm a friend of Jessie Floyd Fulks', and I've been following you and Jonah about since he was born. First time stopping in to say hi, and to say thanks for all you're doing for Anton.

Chipped in a little now. We'll see what else I can do after my tax refund comes in.

stiner0305 said...

you are an amazing women!! i love how you are helping other eb kids! jonah is one lucky kid to have you as a mom!!

Jen said...

I think you are amazing! I'm happy to 'chip in' & will spread the word.

The Bright Family said...

Hi Patrice,I read your blog everyday religiously. I have three kids of my own and my baby is close to Jonah's age. I pray for you guys on a regular basis and have been so touched by his story. I took it home last night and read it to my seven year old little boy who said I know he is sick and I know he needs love so tell me why he can't come be our brother where we can love him and take care of him. Then we both cried. I have never met you but I love you and your family and your mission. I have forwarded Anton's information to my sister in-law in Flordia who does alot with children who are left in the system all over the world. I pray that Anton finds his forver home and a place in loving arms. Thank you so much for everything you do. PS My family loves Jonah he is such a doll and you can count on us for a donation.

Kathleen said...

Patrice, I can't believe what you've done for Anton. I am so happy to be a tiny part of this. I pray so hard every time I think of him (which is ALOT) and little Anton is so blessed to have people like you advocating for him.

Michael and Crystal said...

Hello, just wanted you to know I think what your doing is a wonderful thing, I happened across your blog sometime ago and was touched by Jonah. My husband and I have adopted four children, two which were in dire situations, reading your blog about baby Anton broke my heart and if there were anyway possible, I would take him tomorrow but our sons adoption is not final yet so therefore we are not eligible to adopt anymore children until that is done. Follow that calling God gives you and you will go right every time. Praying that God continues to help your precious Jonah and will send baby Anton his forever family. I am happy to donate tonthis wonderful cause.

Susanne said...

Thank you for the reminder that by each of God's people coming together we can move mountains! I went over and made my donation. Thank you for helping us not only talk the talk but walk the walk!

Anne K. Leete said...

Hi Patrice, I'm an attorney with experience in family and immigration law. I may be able to help the family try to hook up with an attorney in their area who could handle some of the legal and immigration issues pro bono. Where are they located? I'm in Hawaii, so probably not much I can do personally, but I would like to help if possible. Send me an email.