Friday, January 7, 2011

slices of life, vol. 1

Continuing in the (AWESOMELY hysterical) tradition of Matt's Aunt Katherine, I'm starting a Slices of Life series for Jonah. (See Katherine's HERE, seriously, you will laugh until you cry.) This first one may be boring to most of you, but I wanted to record some of Jonah's funnies and all the words he's saying right now so I won't forget. And seeing as how I'm failing miserably in both the scrapbooking and baby booking departments, the blog's the only record I currently have. 

At 22 1/2 months, Jonah:
- can finally walk, taking anywhere from five to fifteen steps between furniture or two people that are not too far apart.
- puts his head and arms on the sofa and his feet and legs on the ottoman, and "hangs" in the air.
- rides his train all around the house, and walks behind two different push toys.
- blows kisses every time anyone says "I love you."
- claps when anyone new comes into the house or car.
- says "hi" or "hey" and waves to everyone we pass in the store.
- is still very anxious about new things; right now his car/wagon we could pull him in on walks and his little Power Wheels four-wheeler.
- hates getting his diaper changed.
- loves trains, trucks, cars, and tractors.
- likes to put things on his head that are not meant to be hats and yells, "haT!" (emphasis on the 't') proudly.
- loves to wrestle and "jump" on Mommy and Daddy's bed.
- likes wearing socks and shoes.
- pets blankets, peoples' shirts, socks, and Deac and says "soft" or "saaah," as it were.
- LOVES to be outside, and screams in delight most of the time we're out.
- really likes bubbles and can identify them in real life, on TV, or on my computer as my screen saver.
- has started to dance, shaking his booty.
- likes Yo Gabba Gabba, Jack's Big Music Show, Diego, and Micky Mouse Clubhouse.
- can recognize and say "Dora," "Diego," and "Jack."
- still won't drink from a sippy cup.
- still won't eat anything except certain purees (and even then, it's only sometimes).
- loves books and being read to.
- puts himself to sleep, most of the time, without crying.
- sleeps through the night, usually 11 hours.
- says "okay, okay" and cries when he wants you to stop doing something (say, lance blisters), but has recently learned to say and sign "all done."
- can do the short version of patty cake himself, mumbling through the words, and then says "twow dem in a pan" at the end while throwing his hands up.
- usually wakes up happy in the mornings, stands up, and as soon as you open the blinds, looks out the window joyfully saying "twuck!", looking for a truck outside.
- makes the elephant noise and lifts his arm (trunk) anytime you ask him what the elephant says or he sees one in a book or on TV.
- will exclaim "DADDY" happily when Matt comes home from work or gets him out of bed on the weekends.
- does the Erykah Badu dance from Yo Gabba Gabba most every time he "dances" to any song. (can't find it online (sad))
- says "bump up" when he wants to listen to music, because "Jump Up" is the first song on his favorite CD (Dan Zanes).
- starts crawling/cruising away and laughing hysterically when you go after him when he's going somewhere he's not supposed to or is climbing the stairs
- calls for the kitty when we first come out of his room in the morning. "keeeey, keeeey, keeeey." she usually comes.
- will repeat most anything, but may not know what it means.
- will say "no suh" when you tell him "no sir" and will give you the cutest grin ever, making it impossible to stay mad or even not laugh.
- will yell "twain!" excitedly any time he sees a train, and then says "tucka tucka tucka choo choo".

He can say, consistently and fully knowing the meaning:
Mummy (Mommy)
Eeek (Deac)
Keeey (Kitty)
twain (train)
cah (car)
twuck (truck)
Nana (always loud and with enthusiasm)
good job 
twucka (tractor)
dwink (drink)
pway (play)
night night
Gnee (Granny)
Kockwan (Kathryn)
one, two, twee, (mumbling) NINE, ten
all done
ready, shet (set), GO!
wa (water)
ligh (light)
sah (soft)
peeese (please)
um-me (excuse me)
ank-u (thank you)
ha (help)
rock rock
buh (bus)
ta-aa (ta-da!)
cwock (clock)

He can do the sounds, consistently, for:
tractor, car or truck, train, Santa, elephant, duck, dog, cat, horse, cow, monkey, lion, sheep/goat

**I'm sure I'll have to come back and add as I remember things, but at least it's a start.**


Lynnette said...

"twow dem in a pan" made me smile ear to ear!

Meesh in MO said...

More videos please? :)

RLR said...

Oh, he's growing up! Earlier this week I was talking with m and j about when they were babies. Such sweet memories! Be glad you captured them - on the blog or otherwise! And thanks for sharing this with us, too.
PS - I <3 Katherine's Slices of Life!

Nancy said...

So cute! What a great update. You'll be so happy you did this down the road and forgot some of these milestones. I read old blog posts from Noah was younger (he's 2.5 years now) and I am so thankful I wrote stuff like this down.

AJ said...

My 23 month old told me "Excuse you" when I got in his way the other day. They are so cute at this age. We love that our little guy is finally starting to really talk, after being a bit of a slow starter in the talking he is really catching up fast.

Shari said...

Such a cutie and he's growing so big! Where did the time go?

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I love that you're starting your own Slices series! You will never regret it, I promise. I love to go back and read my oldest ones about once a year ... great memories that would otherwise have been forgotten. :) "Twow dem in a pan." MELT ME.

Laura A said...

Jonah - you are doing/saying A LOT at 22.5 months! Way to go!

Patrice, the Slices of Life is a terrific idea - will have to go and read Katherine's too. And don't feel bad about the lack of babybooking/scrapbooking. The best I can do is keep a Rubbermaid tub for each child and put their "keeper" stuff in it! I really should write down these things, though. Because I would like to remember Byron declaring his love for lamps to all the Target shoppers ("LAMPS?! I LOVE LAMPS!") Among other things.

Thanks again for sharing - please hug that sweet boy for me!

Love from TX,