Saturday, October 23, 2010

meet the Ringgolds (and Jonah!)

Hi Friends,

Something has come up and I need your help. 

Tim Ringgold (Bella's dad) emailed me yesterday and said that he, Ang, and Ali are coming here, to Winston-Salem, later this week. And Tim would like to have a get together between our two families and anyone else who reads either or both of our blogs and would like to come. It will be a great time of meeting one another, hanging out, and celebrating Bella and the love and support we've found in each other.

But we don't have much time! (Tim, you and your visionary spirit are KILLING me and my Type A/Planner personality... but I'll forgive you, this time.)

So, this coming Friday, October 29, please join us for a potluck dinner at Bolton Park Shelter at 5:00 (I'll probably be there a little early, and there's a playground right there, so feel free to come earlier). 


What: a Potluck dinner celebrating Community and remembering Bella
When: Friday, October 29
Time: 5:00pm-7:30pm (or dark, whichever comes first)
Where: Bolton Park, large shelter

Here's what I need from you -
I have NO IDEA how many to expect. It could be 20. It could be 200. That's why I decided to do Potluck style, so no matter how many people come, there will be enough food. I'll plan on getting napkins, cups, plates, and forks/spoons. I need y'all to bring drinks, main dishes, sides, and desserts. 

Please email me if you plan on coming and let me know what you would like to bring. I just don't want us to get 40 Bundt Cakes and no real food, know what I mean?

You can email me at momtobabyjonut (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know. 

I hope we can see you there.

PS - If this doesn't work out and we don't get much response, we'll change it to BYOFF (Bring Your Own Fast Food) and everyone can just bring food and drinks for your own family. But I'd like to try the Potluck idea first, because dang it, we're The South, people, and that's just what we do. 

Looking forward to meeting as many of you as can come! Hooray!


Janel said...

Judging by the response on Tim's blog - looks like you might get an amazing turn out!

Wish I was closer!

I'll be there in spirit - and I will bring cake - use your imagination! haha!

Laura A said...

WOW- we'd love to meet both of you but sadly, TX and NC are just too far away! Maybe someday! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful time! (And be sure to have CFA sweet tea on hand in abundance!)


jenlar3 said...

Wish I could be there, but will be thinking and praying. And hey, if you end up with 40 Bundt cakes and no real food, :let them eat cake!: :) No big deal, life is uncertain, eat dessert first, and when they get home they can eat 'real food.' Don't let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid, and shove a cupcake in your Type A party planner's mouth until after the event!

If I knew then... said...

oh I wish I could be there!

Chris (PEZ)

Melanie said...

Kendra, Lacey and I will be there if we can rearrange our work schedules....we would just love to meet you guys and little Jonah! I will bring something to drink and some sort of side dish.

Wanda Wilkinson said...

I will bring a deli tray. Can hardly wait to see Jonah & you again. & to meet the Ringolds. So exciting
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Wish we could come.


Rachel E. said...

I really wish I could come and meet Jonah and Bella's family...but I live in Hawaii. Maybe next time. :-(

Anonymous said...

Been praying for and loving Jonah since I came across your blog a while back. He is a little cutie! I think we don't live too awfully far from you. We are in Floyd.


Emily said...

Oh wow, what an amazing idea and event!! I love Bella's daddy, he's such a remarkable guy. I wish I lived closer because I'd totally come, but sadly, I live in south Florida and won't be able to make it. Don't stress about the details, it will all come together and be a wonderful way to celebrate your special children =).

Katie said...

I'm with Jenlar3 - let them eat cake!

But, we used to do potlucks at our church all the time. One way we made sure we had enough food was to tell each family to bring enough to feed their family plus 2 extra people - we never had a problem with bundt cakes. Everybody also brought a 2-liter drink. Some brought dessert and some didn't - up to each family.

I wish I could come!

trooppetrie said...

oh i am so jealous and if it was not my daughters birthday i would be there. i am so bummed i can not go

Angelique said...

Tim and I just read this and we almost woke Ali up from laughing so much! You're the best!

Dana M. said...

Hey Patrice! I've emailed you a couple of times and always said "I'll get around to signing up for an account one day, but for now, I'll just email." Well, today's (tonight's??) the day/night!! What made me sign up all of a sudden you ask? (ok, so you didn't ask...) Jenlar3's comment about shoving a cupcake in your Type A party planner mouth just about caused me to wake up my whole household laughing!!! So, I had to comment and say that I agree with her whole-heartedly! WHO cares what all variety of food ya'll have?!?! I'm sure everyone would be just as happy if there were no food at all involved! Haha! I hope ya'll have a wonderful gathering and lots of fun!! And yes, I hope that you eat plenty of cupcakes!!

Dana M. in Mississippi

Morissa said...

OMG HAVE FUN! I wish I could just fly down there and join you guys! We will all be there in spirit!


Kim M said...

Oh, I read on Tim's blog that they were headed your way! How exciting for all of you. Wish I could be there, would love to meet the ones I've been praying for! I'm going to be praying that Jonah has a good day so all can go smoothly for you!

Chozen1 said...

I WANNA COME TOO! OH CAN I, CAN I, CAN I??!?! PLEASE!! LOLOL Well, I'm in Texas and I ain't rich so it ain't happnin!
BTW, I love ya'lls closeness that I'm feeling when I'm reading. Guess I should introduce myself, I'm Scott Watkins, married to Amy almost 9 years and daddy to 8 y.o. Adrian who is EB free. I have JEB.

Sara said...

I'm friends of the ringgolds in CA. So obviously, I wont be there....but, give them a hug for me, ok?

lacey said...

Sign us up Kendra, Melanie and I along with my daughter LeAnna will be there. If u don't mind I would like to bring a drink and a desert. Is this okay with you?

kim_brough said...

"But I'd like to try the Potluck idea first, because dang it, we're The South, people, and that's just what we do."

This should be nominated for blog quote of the year!!!

K said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer and could come meet you and Jonah and Tim's family too! Have a great time and we will think of you! Karen (Jackson's Nana).

Marybeth Sheridan said...

Patrice I love your honesty. It must be what "EB" can do to your heart too, because I gotta tell you that alot of who you described is who I am sometimes when my husband walks through the door. If We ever get the chance to meet thank I am sure your Matt and my Jim will have lots to laugh about. You are doing a great job being a "EB" mommy and a mommy, and both of those jobs are really hard to do. The best thing you have going for you is your faith and the reason you are such an inspriation is that you are living your faith.
I love coming here and reading your bolg.... it makes my smile through our walk as well... HUGS to all of you!!!
Marybeth & Sam

Toni :O) said...

Have fun, wish I could be there! Always thinking of and praying for your little Jonut!