Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Photos from yesterday.

I took these using the flash and my new Lightscoop. I'm officially in love. (This first one just looks bad because the light over him was one of those energy light bulbs that are really orange/yellow.)

A  new shirt from Aunt Kim.
Watching Gabba... or something.
I have to remove Jonah from this spot about a billion times a day.

"Jonah, are you about to get into trouble? Are you making a bad choice?" The answer is usually yes.
Sweet Baby Cohen. (Looks a lot more tiny not zoomed in.)
Jude and Jonah playing together in the same general vicinity.
M Family, party of FOUR!
Nothing much to report. We didn't get out yesterday (except for taking dinner to Cohen's family) or today. A few people have dropped in today including Matt's Aunt Patsy (Mimi), my mom (Nana), and Penny, a friend of mine, who brought me Chipotle (Chee-pote-lay, remember?) for dinner. So good. Hoping to make it out tomorrow. I need color-safe bleach. Yep, it's exciting around here.


lee and hannah said...

been reading your blog for a while, but never commented...

sweet jonah is getting bigger everyday--

how do you like that lightscoop?! i've never heard of it before, but now feel like i MUST have one!! :)


Shari said...

The sweet pics of Jonah are always priceless! So handsome, beautiful and God's handiwork! He is amazing to me!

Meesh in MO said...

Hi Patrice. :) I was at my cousin's second son's 1st birthday party last weekend. HIs actual birthday was a few days before. They opened one big gift for him. It's a blow up ball pit, kind of like a pool but with the balls like in the popper. I bet Jonah would love this! Ethan was totally not interested in his party and his mom had to drag him out of his room/the ball pit about ten times!

Shelby Baker said...

I LOVE your sense of humor.. you make me laugh so hard sometimes.. the ''I need color safe bleach'' line just caused me to bust a kidney or something from laughter. You're so random, but it's hilarious. I guess I should mention that the Jnut's cuteness is increasing :)

lindsey said...

Hey Patrice -
I've been following your blog for some time now but I don't think I've ever posted. Anywho - it's getting to be fallISH here in MI with sprinklings of 90 degree w/ humidity in the 1000's. Sooo I decided to make your squash muffin recipe . . AMAZING!!! So thanks. I'm also very intrigued by the lightscoop thing. I think I need to look into that further. Thanks for the posts & the frequency of them. I look forward to see how your beautiful boy is doing everyday. He is just the cutest thing ever!! Much Love!!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Jonah, I just walked back into my office & saw your sweet cuteness on my PC (I have it as my background) & I had to stop & write you a little note to say..your face brought a smile to me & I love you...you get cuter & sweeter everyday that passes.

And tell mommie that little ones just love getting into trouble...means you are a normal boy!!!!!!!!

Love you

Laura A said...

Great pictures! Jonah is precious as always. And he's also a little boy now - no more baby! I find myself repeating "good choice or bad choice?" SO much - glad to know Jonah's entered the "choices" club!

Thanks for sharing!


Claire said...

I love that bib! Too cute!


kedw said...

so i totally got lightscoop after seeing your pic. I have a d80. how the heck do you get the camera onto +1?????? I cant figure it out for the life of me!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR.
Please please please tell me!!!!