Wednesday, August 18, 2010


UPDATE: I have a Nikon D40 that I bought while Jonah was still in the NICU. Wasn't sure how many photos of him I'd get to take. Little did I know it would be LOTS (with LOTS more to come!).

For those of you curious about the Lightscoop, here are the first few photos I took of before and after. These are straight out of the camera.

Flash set at zero, no Lightscoop.

Flash set at +1 (the recommended setting for using it), but still no Lightscoop.

Flash at +1 with Lightscoop.... ahhhh, much better.

I HATE the flash. It makes Jonah look super pale and makes his boo boo's MUCH redder than they are in real life. An external flash isn't really an option because of cost and the fact that I don't want to invest too much into this camera, hoping to replace it down the road. So for $30.00 I got this, which I love, and between it and some post-editing, I'm content... for now. Some might say I have a contentment issue. It's my only vice.


Julia Kendrick said...

I HATE the flash on my camera too!! My pictures turn out blurry because I turn it off. I have a little polaroid digital camera and was wondering what type you use. I would not be able to get that lightscoop for my camera because of the type I have. I wish I could afford one of those 1,000 dollar professional cameras. :)

Lacy said...

I have the Nikon D5000 and hated the on-board flash too. I bought an external flash and it's so cool because the flash flips up to bounce off of the ceiling (it tilts). I love it! I do like the outcome from yours though- may have to check it out!

Christina said...

oh dear... i may have to get one of those. hehe

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I added one to my Amazon wish list a few weeks ago, but I haven't bought it yet. You KNOW I hate the flash and refuse to use it ... which works out well now that my flash is broken and won't work at all.

The Wallace Family said...

I rarely comment, but always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pictures of your adorable Jonah. Thanks for sharing your life!

Please tell me what kind of dog Deac is. He is so cute.

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for this have been having so much trouble with light problems but I just went and bought me one of those!! Our little grandson is just the same as Jonah, parks himself riiiight in front of the TV! and of course loves to press all the buttons ;)!
God bless, Jen xo

Debra said...

Ohhhh awesome! Just bought one! Good lookin' out.

Laura said...

I'm totally sold. I HATE how my inside pictures turn out - the lighing in our house is horrible. I just looked over the info online and ordered them. I'm SO excited!! Thanks for the tips! Love reading about Jonah!! :)

Amy said...

Ooooo I like. I'd love an external flash for my Nikon but not in my budget. My ceilings are high though...wonder if it'd have the same effect.

Denise said...

We just got a Nikon D5000. Love the camera. Now I am wondering if the lightscoop is available for mine (I am seriously so new to this I dont have a clue what it really is ;)). Hmmmm. I will have to check it out because the difference in your

Thanks again for the tips on taping Claras g-tube. It works when I need to route the tubing another direction and to reduce the irritation.


lee and hannah said...

super!! now, can you tell me how to adjust my flash settings?? (i have the same camera as you!)

santa came early for me!! my sweet mom (who LOVES getting pictures of her granddaughter) was sweet enough to buy me one and her one, too... i posted a link to the lightscoop page after reading your first post about it (when i IMMEDIATELY decided that i needed one!)

we're a pretty fair-skinned family, but honestly, i don't think a flash is flattering on ANYONE.

thanks again for the tips!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what a light scoop looks like and weston is 16 now! Anyway, we did the same thing taking soooo many photos in the NICU since we were not sure how many we'd be able to take. Millions of photos later, he's just had his 16th birthday. I am so happy for digital now, since his 1st five years of 35 mm has filled up my closet!!! But my pictures did the same. I didn't think his sores were that red, and then when I got a photo developed I really noticed them more than in life.

m0ff said...

I purchased this little gadget the day you posted about it. Takes a little while to get here (here being Ontario, Canada), but from the looks of your pictures, it will be well worth the wait!
That's for the recommendation!