Tuesday, August 3, 2010

catching up

Update: In preparation for going out tonight, I wanted my mom to have a model for how to tape Jonah's tube for bedtime. I give you: Elmo.

For some reason, that's making my day.

I am in quite the little blogging (and life) slump lately, so I'm warning you ahead of time, this will not be exciting.

We got out some this weekend. We made it to Church on Sunday, thankfully, and Matt went with Jonah to the nursery. I GOT TO TAKE COMMUNION! It definitely warrants all caps because it hasn't happened in a long, long time. Since we're hit and miss to church in the first place and when we have made it, I've been having to stay in the nursery with Jonah, I've missed out the last several months. Jonah did fine in the nursery until Matt had the NERVE to leave for three minutes. Mr. Glenn (an elder, prayer warrior, wonderful man, and I'm fairly certain - SAINT - at our church) said Jonah was fine for a minute and then scanned the room for Matt. When he couldn't find him, all bets were off. I don't mind letting him cry it out, but he never works it out, just gets more and more upset (think heaving sobs). So I guess we'll just leave for three minutes, come back, leave for five minutes, come back etc until hopefully he gets used to it.

My mom watched Jonah on Friday night so we could get out (dinner at Sagebrush - with a coupon thankyouverymuch - and a movie). She watched him again on Saturday so we could go to Kohls. They were having big sales, PLUS I had an additional 15% of coupon, PLUS you earned $10 for every $50 you spent. We try to stock up when that's going on. Matt especially loves their dress shirts and I like the Jumping Beans stuff for Jonah, but we didn't have much luck this time around. I think they're trying to clean out before fall stuff arrives, so the selection was limited. Anyway, Mom's keeping him again tonight because Matt got free tickets through his work for a Winston-Salem Dash baseball game. Gotta love some Nana. Woot Woot!

On top of all that, my monthly requisite (imposed by ME) Girls' Night was Sunday night. I love it because we can be happy or sad or feel whatever we're feeling, and we don't feel like we have to go and put on some happy face or be fake. It's honest and real and just all around good and important, I think. One thing I know is that you have to be proactive about planning and MAKING it happen or it doesn't. Life is so busy and there are so many schedules to coordinate, but if you are a wife and a mother, you NEED it. I can't tell you how much it does for me every month. And it's WAY cheaper than therapy. :) I'm thankful.

So yes, I've been getting out more than usual. But still, I can't explain it, I just feel cloudy. I can't really identify specifically what it is. I mean, I know the heat prevents a lot of getting out with Jonah and we're limited by his feeding issues. So I know there are some valid reasons to be kind of funky from time to time, but this is kind of a hang-over-me sort of yuck that I can't really place. I think the Fall coming will help so much. At least then we can open the windows and just use the screen door and let some light, sound, and air in. Before Jonah and when I was teaching, summer used to be my favorite season, for obvious reasons. But then Jonah was born with EB, and Summer became the enemy. So then my favorite season was Spring because of the warm weather. But then my allergies became Hell on Earth. So now, I've officially decided it's Fall. Because in Fall you have cool weather, pretty colors, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (which is technically Winter but still part of the "Holidays"), and you have THREE cool seasons coming up before the enemy that is Summer returns. I've never really been overly excited about the holidays (except for getting school breaks of course) but now, with Jonah, they're so much more exciting. So, Fall, come quickly. We can't wait!

We went to Matt's work for about ten minutes yesterday to take him a milkshake because I had to get out of this freakin' house before I went crazy and started beating my head against the wall I'm thoughtful like that. I didn't get any good photos, but here are the couple (blurry) ones I did get. Jonah was ON THE MOVE, so it was hard to get him to be still enough for a decent shot.

(What? You know how I hate my flash.)

And yesterday, at Target, I found some shoes for Jonah. He's been wearing Pedipeds because they are the only ones I could find to fit around all his bandaging. But he needs shoes with tred to help him in learning to pull up etc, and the Pedipeds Flex (their next style up from Infant shoes) are too narrow. I should know. I ordered two pair along with two pair of Crocs. NONE of them worked, so I had to send them back. (I have to do a little plug for zappos.com here. I have been AMAZED with how easy they make it to order, you receive your order next day or two days at the latest, and shipping BOTH WAYS is FREE. If you need to make a return, you just go online to your account and print out return labels. So hassle free. I digress.) I heard about Preschoolians from some other EB moms, so I'm waiting on an order from them. BUT yesterday, at Target, I decided to try some Converse One Stars on Jonah, and they worked! So now Jonah has a pair of red ones AND these:

Aren't they the coolest?  I can't tell you how much a simple pair of shoes actually FITTING on my child's ridiculously over-bandaged foot helps me. It's the little things that get to me most (with the exception of the lack-of-eating, of course).

Alright, I'm going to end this now, lest you fall into an even deeper slumber and drool on your laptop (but seriously, if you have a Dell, drool could only HELP). Hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday.

GO DASH! (or something)


Cristin said...

So glad you are able to get out the house more!

I have a child without disabilities and I've been in a slump for a while. So you're not the only one. I will certainly keep you in my prayers, because I know it can be such a yucky time.

I too am ready for fall! I'm OVER summer time. It's too hot to do anything and I think the heat makes us all grumpy!

Hope you're week goes well!

Maryellen said...

Go Jonah ! Coolest flame sneakers! WOW I bet you'll be making some treds with those.

I don't have children and am not a school teacher and I've always likes summer last on my list hah

I get very grouchy in the humidity. Give me cool fall days and cold snowey days anytime. hah

Enjoy your new sneakers Jonah!

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are amazing!!

Big hugs to you! I only have gone through a tiny tiny fraction of what you have to deal with everyday but you are amazing and give me strength. No one is perfect and we all deserve to have bad days!

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Laura said...

I think this summer has been an unusually HOT summer. June, July, and now August have been mostly in the 90s in Nashville and I assume NC. So it's limiting even if you didn't have the EB concerns. At least I don't like being out in those temps either. I'm looking forward to cooler fall temps too. It not right for it to be sweating hot at 9:00 in the morning(or earlier). We can look longingly toward cooler temps together :)

Laura S.

Laura said...

Oh and those shoes are quite cute. I just order some new school shoes for Eli today from Zappos!

Laura S.

Claire said...

Oh those sneakers are awesome! Go Jonut!


Wanda Wilkinson said...

Sweet feet & cute shoes. Glad to know Jonah is moving on...the picture of him & Matt is adorable, I like the way he scrunches up his nose.

I will be glad to fall/winter to get her also--this HOT weather keeps us all down in the dumps--coming out my front door before 7am being hit with a blast of hot air is not the way to start the day (ugh ): ..

Love & prayers

Me, the boys and a Farm... said...
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Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

I LOVE FALL TOO! The temps are almost perfect,that nasty humidity is gone, the colors, the leaves, the smells, the chicken stews, pumpkins...oh I could go on and on...

I too have been in quite the icky mood for a while now...much like you I can't put my finger on it...I feel like its midlife crisis or something. I found this quote today and thought it described what I feel often!
"I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."(Helen Keller)

Love the shoes! So cute!

My boys have really wide feet...just to let you know the new balance sell xtra wides...might help for future big boy shoes.

They say this weekend will be nice weather here in the triad...I am hoping and praying...we want to check out Dan Nichols Park in Salisbury.
Take Care!
Deleted previous due to spelling errors...sorry

aerialsmama said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog, I have never commented before, but you buying those shoe I had to, my boys both have them and I love them!!

Jonah is so cute! I love all the pictures, thanks for sharing with us, I hope your funk clears quickly.

FYI Fall is my favorite season too!

Laura A said...

Amen on the Dell - my keys are popping off as we speak! :)

LOVE those sneakers! It reminded me of Jonah's sweet toes, though- how are they doing?

Will pray for the funk to lift - the heat certainly can't help. It's driving me batty down here! Praying for daily encouragement for you and always for sweet Jonah's healing!

Love from TX!

Anonymous said...

Yay for shoes!!!

Jennifer said...


I'm kind of a stalker in that I never comment, but this post was one of my favorites. You are so funny even if you are in a slump!!! Fall is just around the corner!! I can already picture some Jonah pics in a pumpkin patch with his styling tennis shoes!!! Blessings, jen

Krystal said...

Look, it's "G-tube Me Elmo"!

Seriously, those are some cool shoes! I'm glad you found them and at your favorite store, even!

Praying for you, Patrice, and your family. Hang in there!

Meme said...

Love the shoes... my three year old begged me for a pair yesterday :-). They didnt have his size or our boys would be feet twinkies.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaahhhhhhhh, Casey has those same shoes! Now I have to come back so we can take pictures of their twin feet.

I'm glad you're getting out. I love you. And Elmo, thanks for being such a willing model :)

Vicki said...

Coolest little boy shoes evah! You go Jonah.

Marlo said...

Patrice, One day I was at church and they announced that the deacons would be taking communion to the shut ins that afternoon. That was the first I heard about that communion "to go" deal. I hadn't had communion in about 3 years because we were either in the hospital or my daughter was too sick to go to church. I wondered why no one ever brought me communion. I wondered why I never asked for it. I guess I didn't know I COULD ask for it. You might check with your church and see if you qualify as a shut in. They could at least check with you before communion Sunday and see if you would be interested.... just a thought.
Here's a quote that might make you look at your situation in a different way. It was written by Sono Harris (mom of Josh Harris) to Randy Alcorn when he was going through depression...
"It seems that His servants who are used in special ways often experience commensurate trials. These trials are simultaneously burdens God gives to keep them utterly dependent; and thorns which pin back the veil that hides His face. In a fallen world, they are gifts."
Hoping that you will see His face today.

Michelle Found said...

I am so completely convinced that it is not remotely possible for you to have a boring blog post!
You leave us rolling in the aisles, Ms. Unintentional Comedian.
Keep up the "oh so boring" posts! haha

~Michelle Found
Picton, Ontario, Canada

thorney said...

I love Jonah's new tennis shoes! So cool.

I am glad you are getting out a bit more and you are so right about having your girls night and making it a priority. As a wife and mom you have to make time for yourself in order to keep your sanity so you can be a good mom and wife to Jonah and Matt.

I am still waiting for summer here in Seattle. We've a had a handful of warm days, but not many before it rains again and it's so cold lately. I would love a warm day before fall arrives and 10 months of rain comes with it.


Shaina said...

those chucks are adorable. i'm so proud :)

Alison said...

Other shoes you might look into are called "Skidders". They are basically socks (so think very stretchy) but with a rubber traction on the bottom and are so flexible you can roll them up.

the website

HoundDogMom said...

I am not sure how I found your blog, but enjoy reading about your precious boy Jonah. I do love those new shoes he has. I think I am going to have to target and see if they have them in my size. I have a pair of black ones but love them flames. :)

LeeAnn said...

Hooray! Chuck and I think every kid needs a pair of Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. And his are super-cool!

Ashley said...

You might try Stride Rite. My friend's daughter has CP and wears leg braces so they have to get really wide shoes to fit over those. She gets the stride rite extra wide tennis shoes and they seem to work well for her.