Friday, August 6, 2010

busy day

Shwoo. It has been a long, hard day. A good day, but a long one. Today, I got my motivation back. Seriously, all this week, I've barely had the motivation to put on real clothes. But today, I was productive.

I reorganized my pantry.

(Not that it needed it or anything). I had no idea what was even in there. And any time I had to get something off that top shelf, about three other things would fall on my head. And my canned goods were stacked four high and shoved in the back corner. At the time I decided to take a picture, I had already pulled everything out of the bottom. No worries. I wouldn't let you miss out.

You're welcome. I emptied out and consolidated a lot of stuff and also had to throw a lot away. Apparently, even non-perishables are perishable. Who knew? (Kidding)

The final product. It's still crowded but much more organized now.

Top Shelf: Breakfast stuff (bagels, pancake mix, oatmeal etc), flour, sugar, cornmeal etc, rice, and pasta.

Middle Shelf: blank space for potato chips and snacks.

Bottom Shelf: freezer and storage bags, garbage bags, paper towels, napkins.

Bottomest Shelf (known not-so-affectionately as the floor): canned goods, sauces, marinades.

I know that is just THE most exciting blog material ever. But hey, that's my life. I also blended avocado and put it in ice cube trays for freezing, washed Jonah's bedding and bumper pads, picked up my groceries (reason I had to clean out the pantry), redid Jonah's bed in an attempt to keep him from, yet again, putting his ankles through the railing, and cleaned him up after he vomited all over himself after we put him to bed (again). So it's been a long day.

I know I have talked about the online grocery ordering before, but I really cannot say enough about it. I do ours through Harris Teeter. There is only one here in Winston that does it, but it's worth the drive across town to not have to drag Jonah on a two hour grocery shopping nightmare trip. Typically it costs $4.95, but I think it's cheaper than doing my shopping myself. One, you can sort by lowest unit price and/or VIC Specials when you are searching items, so you know you are always getting the best deal. Two, you save money by not impulse shopping because you are sticking to your list. AND, you can do it from the comfort of your couch while you watch TV. LOVE IT. I typically meal-plan and shop two weeks at a time. I think Lowes has it too, and I know there are some places up North that even do in-home delivery. I have to go pick mine up, but I just pull up to the little drive-up kiosk thingy, ring the buzzer, tell them my name, and they come right out. You can write a check or they can swipe your card with their portable machine at the car. You can use coupons, but they ring you up before you come, so they scan your coupons afterwards and credit your saved amount to your next order. Click here for the Harris Teeter link if you are interested. Oh yeah, and for all of August it's only $1.95 for everybody, and your first time is always free. (And just in case I need to say it, even though I feel like a dipwad, I'm not getting paid to endorse Harris Teeter or Zappos. I'm just a girl who likes some good customer service and convenience. It really comes down to laziness is all.)

Sorry I don't have any photos of Jonah today (or yesterday or the day before or the day before). I've been a little busy. I'll try to get some this weekend. No big plans except we'll be going to Garner tomorrow for Matt's cousin Jake's Good Luck party. He's joined the Marines and will be heading to Boot Camp at the end of August. I plan to embarrass him in front of all his friends and make him feel awkward and uncomfortable. It's gonna be AWESOME.

Happy Weekend!


Kelsey said...

Don't you love getting organized?! My hubby was gone all week and after I put the kids down at 7pm I had a to-do project/organizational list to do for each night. When my hubby is home and after the kids go to bed I just want to hang with him, watch some mindless television and not do much so I felt very productive this week. I am glad you had a good day!

Skye is the Limit! said...

I think it was a motivating day, we to cleaned/organized almost the whole house today...out of no where. After a very long day at the hospital I guess itll do it to ya? haha!

The Oxford Family said...

Please come to my house and get busy :)

Jennifer said...

A tip for the bumper pads keeping him from sticking his ankles through the railing, try zig zagging the bumper in between the rails, so only every other one will show. That should hold the bumper in place better....but I don't know if the rails would be a problem with his skin.

Joe, Christina, & Rocky said...

Have you ever tried I love love love them. Sometimes I love roaming Target / Walmart, but most times I love that I can just order the boring cleaning supplies, toilet paper, hand soap, etc - for about the same price - with free shipping! It's glorious!

Y Mama said...

Anytime you feel like coming to Raleigh, let me know, my boys and I will keep that handsome boy of yours happy and I have a pantry and a junk drawer (or 4) waiting for your expertise! is AWESOME! Check it out for supplies (I am thinking aquafor?)

helbaby said...

Couple of little words....Tupperware Modular Mates Range- that will make your pantry super organised!! Pity I live in New Zealand, otherwise I could offer you a free in home, no obligation consultation!

Looks great anyway, Patrice. Love re-organising, it always feels so productive.

lainielou said...

I am a sucker for organization! Stacking bins in the pantry? Never thought of it. Might have to get to WalMart today.

Thanks Patrice!

Sandy P said...

I am very jealous of the order on line. We are in Atlanta and I can not find a place that does it. My sister in NC uses a lot.

Laura A said...

Getting organized (even if it's only one teeny part of my house) always makes me feel better! Your pantry looks good!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend- give that sweet boy kisses from TX!


Claire said...

Hurrah for organising! So glad you are feeling better honey! I get our groceries online and delivered - life changing stuff.


Melissa said...

I've spent the last week scrubbing and organizing my house, but there's no way I'm brave enough to post before pics!

Online grocery shopping....I am definitely looking into that!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the grocery thing doesn't have TX listed :(

Erika said...

Organizing is the BEST! I love these kinds of posts! Great job, Patrice! :)

Noah's Mommy said...

I have been a lurker on your blog for a long time. I believe I came across it through a link on Hope in a Boys world. Some how I just now realized that you live in Winston salem. We just moved outside of greensboro in Feb. I had no idea. small world