Monday, June 7, 2010

a wedding and some good news

Matt and I went to my sister's best friend's wedding on Saturday. I've known Brittany since she was a toddler, and I've been blessed enough to become closer to her in our adulthood through Sarah. Her mom is also a rock star and one of my fantastic dressing change helpers slash awesome friend.

My sister has never worn makeup, I don't think. I relished every moment of slathering that crap all over her purty little face. She was not diggin' it.

Here's a shot of Matt and me before the wedding. Doesn't he clean up nice?

My sister. Isn't she beautiful? Makeup or not.

Emilee - Brittany's sister. This girl holds a special place in my heart and loves her some Jonah.

This is Jennifer, another one of my sister's best buds. She's a keeper.

Some more photos of the day.

Salem? I can't believe how the time flies.

I got a little carried away with Salem pics. Seriously, this is only a few out of like thirty.


Could Brittany be any more beautiful? Definitely not.

The exposure on this next one was messed up, so I tried to tweak it. I should definitely not be allowed to tweak stuff.

This was not at the wedding. This was the next day, after church. Jonah was napping in the car, so we stopped by my mom's while we waited on him to wake up. I thought it was a good one.

I'm feeling tired tonight so I'm going to make this short, but I have some great news. Jonah is starting to take solids by mouth like never before. Today he ate nine ounces of yogurt, six and a half ounces of Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, one ounce of black beans, and one ounce of his weird tube blend concoction (chicken/gravy baby food, avocado, black beans, sweet potato/white bean baby food, formula, apple juice and rice cereal... I know, disgusting right?). Anyway, I think he's finally getting it. I'm so thankful and don't take one little opened-mouth, eager bite for granted. We're certainly not at the "don't have to use the tube" stage, but it's a HUGE BIG ENORMOUS AWESOME step in the right direction. I'm so proud of him, and I know how many of you have prayed and prayed for this. PRAISE GOD!

Alright, I'm off to bed. As always, thank you so much for praying for Jonah's struggles, no matter how big or small. You know to my mommy heart they are all huge, and every obstacle overcome (or on the way to overcome) is just one more moment, memory, accomplishment I thought he'd never see. He's amazing. Thank you, God.


Nora Lee said...

Yea Jonah! Love the pics too.

Laura A said...

PRAISE GOD!! I'm SO glad he's eating so well! Do you think it's b/c of using the blended diet? (Not that it really matters - just curious!)

The wedding pics are beautiful - those flower girl dresses were amazing!

Hope you have a great week - will continue to pray for that sweet boy!

Love from TX!

LeeAnn said...

It was so awesome to see you guys this weekend. Thanks for taking all those amazing pics of Salem...they will serve as her one year pictures!

Melissa said...

So glad for this turn in the right direction. Whew.
Praying for y'all!

thorney said...

I am so glad to hear that Jonah is eating so much. An answer to prayer.

I love the wedding photos. We are going to a wedding in September--the first of my youngest college buds to marry. All the parents became so close too while the boys were all living together at university. I can't wait to see them all and take a lot of photos. You have inspired me :)

Photographic Memories said...

Glad to hear Jonah is eating so well! Yay Jonah! Next time I come over, I'm bringing that kid some Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets. :)

Jill said...

Terrific photos, but I am elated over the Jonah news. Hope he continues down this path. I love it when they figure something out they like. They remind me of little Hoover vacuums.

We with be thinking about all three of you.

I'm Erin. said...

That's great news! :)

My 5 year old has seen Jonah on your blog, and will often ask to pray together for him while we're driving around. I love hearing my little one pray for your sweet baby.

Jennifer said...

I thought I would check "one more time" before I went to bed (yes, I am a stalker and I wonder what is happening when you don't post....). What great news and so worth waiting for. I love that I pray specifically for Jonah and his eating and then I check in with you and often you have put up something to pray about or praise. It is so rewarding to my little heart. You guys are so on your way and so wonderful. It continues to be an honor to pray for you and share your journey. Jennifer of Southeast, NC

Anonymous said...

Is this the "Big Tree" at Tanglewood? My sister got married there, too! Beautiful pictures and wonderful news about Jonah's eating! So nice to see everyone looking so happy!

karen in clemmons

Linda said...

Hi Patrice:
What great news about Jonah eating. Prayers have been answered.
The last picture of you and Matt warms my heart so much. You guys look so happy and joyous. I am so thrilled that Jonah is doing so well and you guys have truly been blessed. Take care and give Jonah a kiss for me. Love Leah's Nana

CastingCares said...

Yea Jonah!! Such a huge answer to prayer. I LOVED all the beautiful pictures but I did miss not seeing any of your precious boy. Salem is adorable and your pictures of the wedding are really great!

jenn said...

such great pictures..glad you guys had a night out..yay for the eating

Heather said...

Great pix! How awesome that Jonah ate solids so well! Praying it continues and that he LOVES eating!

Jane said...

Great pictures Patrice. I do not comment much anymore, but continue to read your blog and have Jonah, you and Matt in my prayers every night. So glad things are improving with Jonah's eating. He is so precious! Looks like he is thriving. May God Bless each of you and give you strength.

McCullough Family said...

Great pictures. I hated to miss Brittany's wedding. We go to church with John's parents - they are a great family. Andrea said she got to talk to you. I hope to see you and Jonah someday soon. Great news about Jonah eating. He is in our prayers.

Molly said...

Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! So glad to hear that he's eating so well! Praise God, and keep up the good work! :)

Brenda is SO Blessed said...

Praise God, Indeed

ashpuck said...

It looks and sounds like you had a beautiful weekend! I'm so happy for you and for the accomplishments Jonah has achieved.


Anita Johnson said...

What great news to see today! Your photos are wonderful!

Jennifer Strosnider said...

yes! i wish we lived closer!! it would be so fun to have play dates. david LOVES other kids! especially boys, especially bigger boys, he wants to be just like them. :) hope you have a lovely weekend! xp

nancygrayce said...

Glad he's eating better! Your sister looks exactly like you with darker hair!