Saturday, February 27, 2010

twelve months today

Hi Friends,

It's me, Jonah.

Today I turned twelve months old. Mom says that means I'm ONE YEAR OLD. She said that in a big voice and put one finger up on her hand, so I guess it's a pretty big deal.

What's that?

I'm a big boy???!!!

Right on.

Don't tell anybody but on Saturday, I heard Mommy say that the next person who called me a big boy was getting punched in the face. I think she wants me to stay her baby forever.)

I'm getting so big. I weigh 21 lbs 9 oz now. I'm 30 inches tall, and my head circumference is 45 cm. I'm in the 25-50th % for weight and in the 60th % for height and head circumference. Dr. B says my growth is GREAT! I'm staying right on that curve. I'm cool like that.

I have six teeth now. Two on the top and four on the bottom. See?

I have all sorts of noises these days, and I'm babbling like a champ. Mom and Dad can't decide if I'm saying any words yet, although I keep telling them that I'm saying all sorts of things. It's not my fault they haven't learned my language. G seems to be my favorite sound, and my favorite things are growling, blowing raspberries, and fake coughing. Mom is pretty sure I'm trying to say Deac, but it's not quite identifiable yet. I also regularly say Ma Ma and Da Da, but am not really saying them TO Mom and Dad. When I see a photo of our family, I can point out my Mom and Dad when asked. Mommy says I'm so smart.

Usually when you put a book (or in this case a birthday card) in my hands and open it up, I start reading. Most of the time it sounds like this, "ahhhh tickle tickle tickle a guh duh guh duh guh duh." Mom says it's just about the cutest thing she's ever seen.

My favorite songs right now are "Malti," "Do-Re-Mi (Sound of Music)," and "Jump Up." I dance now when I hear music. I LOVE music. It calms me down during dressing change or when I'm upset (like today at the doctor when I had to get four shots and a big vile of blood drawn from my arm).

Between Christmas and my birthday I have lots of new toys. I just opened my birthday presents so I haven't really played with them yet, but my (old) favorites are my ball popper...

my exersaucer...

... my pull back cars that zoom across the floor, and still my basketball goal.

For a kid who can't even crawl yet, I sure am hard to keep up with. Mommy can't leave me alone for five seconds or I've fallen over (on purpose), leaned forward and am about to fall on my face attempting to crawl, or I've rolled half way across the room.

I'm eating a little better these days. I usually drink around 30 ounces a day (27 cal formula) and am starting to show a little more interest in solids. I have a really bad gag reflex though, so right now we're mostly stickin' to purees. Otherwise I puke up not only my baby food, but also my previous bottle. I'm still having gushers every two to three days. Too much information? Oh, my bad.

I'm becoming less and less interested in TV these days (too busy trying to move around), but for a few minutes at a time, Mom can sit me in my new toddler chair and I'll watch some Jack's Big Music Show or Yo Gabba Gabba.

I want to crawl so badly I can barely stand it. I can get my hands out or sometimes my knees up, but I haven't figured out how to do both at the same time. I can put weight on my feet and stand with support, but when Mom tries to lean me over to help me get into a crawl position, instead of going to my knees, I stay on my feet and put my hands on the floor, so my butt's straight up in the air. Mom says I may want to look into Yoga.

Mom and Dad can't believe how far I've come in this last year. On February 27th of last year I was born in TERRIBLE shape. There was not a whole lot of hope for my future. On February 28th, I stopped breathing, and Mom and Dad thought I was going to die. I spent 32 days in the NICU. I had to go back to the hospital over Easter for breathing issues, and have been on the verge of a g-tube more times than I can count (you know, because I don't really count yet). But so far, I've stayed infection free and haven't been back to the hospital (except for doctors' appointments) since last April.

Mom and Dad say they love me sooooo much (they tell me about a MILLION times a day), and they don't take one day for granted.

They think I'm the most beautiful, perfect little boy baby in the whole world.

They are amazed at what I've overcome and what God is doing in my life. They know I have a big story to tell and look forward to many, many, many more years for me to tell it. And thanks so much to all you guys who have come along on the journey. Mom and Dad say to tell you how much they appreciate the love and support. You guys are the BEST!
(Thanks to Aunt Katherine for the photos of me with my ball popper, in my exersaucer, and in my chair.)


Tricia said...

Getting to know you through your mom's blog has been one of the biggest blessings of my life in this last year. I have learned a lot about EB and your mom's honesty has given me the strength to face some of the trials in my own life. My faith has grown as I have seen God answer prayers prayed on your behalf. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I hope you have a great second year! I will keep praying for you. Blessings. :)

Janet said...

I love your posts, Jonah! I love hearing about your life. Keep on growing, little man! Pretty soon you'll be telling mom and dad that you aren't a baby!

Laura A said...

Sweet, sweet Jonah - we are SO proud of you! I hope you had a very happy birthday. Your friends in Texas love you very much!!


Shari said...

It has been a journey to follow you Mr. Jonah. I look forward to many more posts and pictures from you. Hope you had a great birthday.

John and Crystal Pinegar Family said...

He is beautiful!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I love the last picture of you. You are such an adorable baby and have the most amazing expressions.

Kari said...

thank you for your blog Jonah, Patrice and Matt! I ran into it by chance through another blog and now look everyday to hear more about the ups and downs of this journey God has you on. Thank you for blessing my, Kari

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Jonah!!! You are one amazing and sweet baby...
You are a fignter and I admire you for that!!!

Kim said...

You are my hero. Don't tell your Mom I said this, (because she might think I'm weird) but I love you so much. You have inspired me so many times in your short little life. My children love to look at your blog (it used to be because they were curious about why you have all of those owies) and see you change and grow. They also pray for you all the time. Our family admires your Mommy, too. She does a superb job of sharing your life with us, and taking care of you!! It's the best when you have a Mommy and Daddy who love you!!! You are all blessings to each other, and to many others.
Kim in Maine

Jess and Krissy said...

We're all amazed at what you've overcome, Jonah! We rejoice with your parents that you're a whole year old. I, personally, am better for "knowing" you. Your Mommy and Daddy are such a blessing to so many. Happy birthday again!

ashley said...

jonah you really are SUCH a gorgeous baby/little boy! i'm so glad for you that you have stayed so healthy and are growing so well! what a champ :-) happy birthday!

Kim M said...

Sweet Jonah,
My what a year it has been! God has blessed your family with you and knew exactly who the right parents would be for you. Does your mom ever tell you how nervous she was about taking care of your needs when she first brought you home from the hospital? Look at her now!! No wonder you are such a champ - you come from great parents!
Don't let this freak you out, but I check in on you each day. It helps me know how to pray for you little guy.
Tell your mom that you will ALWAYS be her baby, and it's okay to let you be a bigger boy at the same time!
You continue to amaze me and I want to swim in those great big beautiful blue eyes you have!

Dale, Tayarra, Wyatt and Waylon said...

Those beautiful eyes of his tell his story all on their own. They are FILLED with so much hope and happiness! Happy Birthday to you, Jonah!

dg darling said...

I agree, he is SO beautiful! Those baby blues get me every time...*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Jonah is SOOOO dang gorgeous!!!!!

Erin said...

such beautiful pictures of jonah! he is such a blessing and i really enjoy reading your crack me up! hope ya'll have a great day~ much love ~ erin

Phyllis said...

Your Mom and Dad are right, you are a perfect and beautiful baby/big boy.

Lauren said...

My twin girls were born at 1.5 and 2.5 lbs. so I know how much of a celebration getting to a year old is. Praise God that you get to see Him work miracles everyday through Jonah. I know that it's not something you signed up for, but you are doing an excellent job!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah!

Jennifer said...

I am loving every minute of the journey, Jonah! You are a great and powerful witness for our God and Savior! Singing you praises at the beach, Jennifer in Southeast, NC

catherine said...

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday.When I seen your face on your mom's blog I just fell in love.Hope some day to meet you in person so i can give you a BIG KISS. My GOD BLESS you always. Always in my prayers...If ever in New Jersey you are always WELCOME over...XOXOXO

Wanda Wilkinson said...

WOW AMAZING WONDERFUL AWESOME BLESSING BEAUTIFUL CHARMING ADORABLE!!!Jonah, I could go on forever trying to come up with words to describe are a MIRACLE in the flesh.

God has blessed you with the most perfect mom & dad to love & take care of you.

During the past 12 months I have learned so much about a disease I had never heard of & have fell in love with such a precious baby boy.

Tell mommy you will always be her baby not matter how old you get...I have a 25 1/2 year old baby boy...

I just took a peek at your mom's picture on twitter...I love me some sweet baby toes. I could kiss your little face, hands, toes until you mom run me away.

You are so precious & sweet--you can see the peace & happiness & love in your smile & those beautiful blue eyes.

Keep growing & wishing you many, many more happy birthdays. Love & prayers :)

Anonymous said...

I will never forget the day you were born because I first read about your birth on my husband and I's wedding anniversary. We were on a special trip and I snuck away to read Kelly's Korner. Kelly told us all about your birth and your sweet mom and dad and asked us to pray. I remember something out of the ordinary really pressing on my heart that day and I couldn't stop thinking about you. I don't think I have missed a post of your mom's in the entire year. As soon as I pull up her blog and see your face my heart swells. Jonah, there is just something about you that is unforgettable and truly remarkable. You are a gorgeous child and those eyes! They just grab a hold of my heart. My little boys and I have prayed for you and will always keep you in our prayers. We have loved to watch you grow and can't wait for the updates on what amazing things you do this year. Happy Birthday, Jonah. You are one sweet & amazing boy.


Jessica said...

Ah Man. I can't believe I missed your birthday. My mom has been a bit of slacker catchin up on blogs lately.
I turn One this spring and my mom remembers praying the day and weeks after you were born...while I was still chillin in her tummy.
We are really glad you are doin so well and eatin and growin.
Take care.
Peace out.
Caleb and his mommy from Maryland

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Happy birthday sweet boy!

Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Happy Birthday Jonah!! You're growing so big!! Continuing to pray for you & your family!!

Kristen said...

He sure is the most beautiful, perfect baby ever!

lauren said...

Patrice, your posts are good, but Jonah's are the BEST! Happy birthday to your one year old BABY!

Hetrick family said...

Happy Birthday Jonah. You sure are great. And your are adorable. I love your chubby cheeks, sweet lips, and it goes without saying--those eyes!!

Great job with year 1. I can't wait to see how you rock the socks off of your second year.

Photo Mom said...

Just wanted to wish your Jonah a very happy birthday..a few days late! (from the mom of a Jonah born on 2-27-06!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah! I have a little guy who isn't much older than you and he will always be my baby! He's still pretty bald, so it's easy to pretend he's my baby :) You are one special little guy, and God has big plans for you. Congratulations on your first year. I look forward to hearing about many more birthday celebrations!


P.S. - That last picture is adorable!

Country Roads said...

Jonah, I always look forward to your monthly posts. You are an amazing and beautiful little boy and so lucky to have such loving and caring parents.
God Bless all of your family.
We'll keep praying for you!!

Sandy said...

Jonah!!!!! You are beautiful!! I get such a blessing from rading about your life. It is an honor to pray for you my little friend.

Love, hugs and prayers,
Sandy Moore