Tuesday, February 23, 2010

it's time!



Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Opened bidding on three items! Will check back in the morning to see how I'm doing. Can't wait! Hope it's a huge success!

LeeAnn said...

Me too...I bid on three items. Wonder how many items will have bids by the morning? Ooohh, so much fun!!

Mandy said...

Tell Jonah a lot of his friends are getting bid happy. But how can we help it? Cool stuff sitting there waiting for an owner (and all the pics of that adorable boy at the top of the page!) :)

Patrice said...

Oh my goodness, this is the GREATEST! After only 27 min, HALF of the items already have bids. HALF!!!

The Skinny on Getting Thinny said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!! its all for you jonah and your friends

Help the fight against EB! said...

1:17 AM and I must sleep. BUT! 3/5 of the items (63!) have bids. LOTS with multiple bids. I think it's going to be a gooooooood week.

LAW said...

Just wanted to say how EXCITED I am that the auction has started! I can't WAIT to see what God will do with this auction!

I don't blog, but facebook, so am trying to get the word out to everyone I know!

I was blown away by Leah's mom's offer for 100% of her Avon sales to go to DebRA in honor of Jonahs Auction and birthday! I don't usually buy Avon (I'm too cheap - lol), but I'm heading over to her store right now so I can get a little something while giving a little something that might help a 'little' someone some day!

It's such an honor to be ABLE to help in a tangible way! Our family has prayed for yours for about a year now and I know prayer is TANGIBLE as it passes from my heart and lips and into God's ear. But the auction and Avon shop are such FUN ways to support you and others with EB. Jonah is the first person I've (never) met with EB ... but I adore those blue eyes and every healing little blister and every nap triumph and feeding triumph and seeing how BIG he's grown as if he is one of my own children!

May God CONTINUE to bless you as you honor the memory of Gabe and the life of Jonah and celebrate the gifts that EB has brought to your life. I know it's hard to see blessings and gifts as you live each day with EB ... my husband has been chronically ill for 3.5 years and his illness has taught us that God DOES bless us in ALL our circumstances, even the painful ones!

I didn't intend on writing a book, just wanted you to know that I love you and Matt and Jonah! Hope that doesn't sound too 'weird' to be loved by a stranger, but I am able to, because HE first loved me!

Claire said...

Yay! Praying for a super successful auction!


Laura A said...

Looks like things are off to a great start! I've already bid on a few things - and am reminded that auctions bring out my competitive side!! LOL!

Praying for lots of funds to be raised - and as always, praying for sweet almost-1-year-old Jonah!!!

love from TX!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

I am going to have to take out a loan---people keep out bidding me & I do have a streak of competition.

I am so excited to see all these wonderful people bidding on all the great stuff & it is only the first day--just wait until Friday evening..

Hope you are all having a good week.

Lots of love & prayers.