Saturday, February 13, 2010

fun sneak peeks on the fan page

Um, so I've sort of been out of the Facebook (and blog and Twitter) loop these last couple days but there's some fun stuff and some great sneak peeks going on over at Jonah's EB Auction Fan Page on Facebook.

You should definitely check it out! I'm getting so excited. I probably should have been better about saving up... self control may be a problem.

Also, this is not a for real blog post but I'll post my random thought from yesterday:

Random Thought of the Day: Stubbing your pinky toe on your left foot really, really hard on your child's new (humongous) exersaucer may be the most excruciating pain in the world. Yes, I've given birth to two children. I stick to my previous statement.


Katie said...

Lego-foot. THAT is the most painful thing ever. There is nothing so horrible as stepping on a lego with the arch of your foot. Ugh.

Lynnette said...

Once stubbed my right pinky toe on the closet door frame (don't ask how, I've never figured that out) when walking out of my then-baby's room at naptime. I whisper-screamed and whisper-whimpered quietly enough that he didn't wake up. However, I did take pictures of my foot for the next week or so just for proof of all the pretty colors. Yes, the pain was worse than 3 c-sections combined.

Laura A said...

AMEN. I stubbed (and broke!) that same toe on one of those play gyms that babies can lie underneath. I screamed so loud that the babies (only Caroline and Garrison at the time) started screaming. My husband never woke up!

I agree with Katie, too - Lego-foot is right up there with toe-stubbing!

Hope you're having a good Saturday!

Carson's Mom said...

I was given your blog site by my sister in law. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know I will be following your blog from now on since I think you are so similar to me...literally.

Yes, I have a little boy with EB (RDEB),Carson, who is about to turn 3 in early April. I read some of your blogs today and can relate to everything you have posted. It's nice to read someone's blog that I can relate to in so many ways...finally.

It's taken a while for me to get to this point where I can read someone else's EB story and not fall apart completely because I live it too. But I feel like I am in a good place now to spread my wings and make EB friends. I've come to realize we are all different stories, with the same struggles. I hope we can help eachother in the future. I live in Cincinnati and will for sure be at the Patient Care Conference...I would love to meet you, Jonah and your husband. When it gets closer maybe you can let me know when you will be there.

I am really happy I got to read your posts today. I don't feel so
Best Wishes with your Auction!
God Bless!