Saturday, January 23, 2010

triad smarty mom

I'm the featured Smarty Mom today over on Triad Smarty Pants.

Feel free to hop on over if you have a chance.

Hope everybody is having a good Saturday. I made breakfast this morning - omelets, bacon, and orange sweet rolls (NOT from scratch - who do you think I am?).

Jonah is yelling at me - gotta run!


Lucky said...

Hey! Just saw on FB that The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation was voted in the top 6 for $100,000! Because of your blog I voted for them...thanks!

Janel Waters said...

YEA for you! I read that this morning when I got the Google alert!

So happy for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation!!

Corby and Lauren said...

Yay! You can't imagine my joy that y'all also eat Orange danish rolls (what my mom calls them). My husband had never heard of them before meeting me, so he's convinced that we are the only family in America that eats them. I can't wait to tell him about this!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Yes, we did it!!! The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation managed to snag 6th place and keep it, earning $100,000 for SMA research.

Thank you again, Patrice, for your help with this, and thanks to all of you Patrice-n-Jonah fans who voted for the GSF. The support was overwhelming, as was the entire week, and last night defies description right now. When my gray matter regroups, I'll try to put it into words, although I think you probably had to be there, so to speak, to get the full effect.

I have NO doubt that the upcoming fundraiser for Jonut will be successful enough to become an annual event, and you know we'll be doing what we can to spread the word about that :)

Meanwhile, I'm off to find some gray matter....


jenlar3 said...

Way to go Ms. Smarty Mom!! I think it is wonderful and amazing how much influence just a few people can have in the world when Jesus has their back!! Give Jonah hugs for me!!

Patty said...

Orange Sweet Rolls are my all time FAVORITE. We have them every year for christmas morning. (pssst....mine are not from scratch either).

Laura A said...

Well, we all knew you were a Smarty Mom, and now even more people do, too! :)

And that is AWESOME about the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation - so glad you made us aware so we could vote! I can't wait to see the success of Jonah's auction!

It appears that I'm full of exclamation marks today(!) Well, off to deal with a screaming banshee (oops, I mean 3-yr old)(!!!)


Claire said...

Oooh, well done! And that breakfast sounds amazing!


WendyBee said...

I'm not sure yet what a Smarty Mom is, but it doesn't surprise me that you are one. Congrats!