Friday, January 22, 2010

happy weekend

Besides a couple rough feedings the last couple days, Jonah has been eating better. All of his feedings today went really well - how they were going last week. He hasn't gushed in a couple days again, so I'm hoping we're on an upswing. Jonah's making some new really fun noises and is laughing more and more every day. He's so cute. I just can't get enough. Matt does his last feeding of the day, and when I kiss him goodnight, I just breathe him in. I'm going to miss that baby smell one day. I can't believe he's almost a year old.

His face is looking really rough again. I don't know why some days are so much worse than others. But that will eventually hit an upswing too... one day.

I got a Girls' Night Out last night. It was unbelievably wonderful, and we're planning on doing it once a month. I'm so excited. It's just what I need. It's not that I want to be away from Jonah. It's just nice to have some adult girly interaction. We don't get to go to Sunday School anymore since we have to get dressing change done before church. So I really, really miss these girls. It was so great. Do I sound giddy? I'm giddy.

Here are some photos from the last couple days. True, he's wearing the same outfit in all the photos, but they are from two different days. This outfit didn't make it very long the first day, and I like it.

Today we got a shipment of the Northern Essence Diaper Salve I use on his little bum to keep it from blistering. He enjoyed knocking the containers over so I set them up over and over and over again.

Nothing much is going on around here. It's gotten really cold and crappy these last couple days, so we've been mostly homebound. I'm so glad it's the weekend. Matt and I are watching Grey's and Private Practice tonight since I was out last night, so that makes it feel like Thursday night - which is awesome because it seems like Matt will have to go to work tomorrow, but he won't! Woohoo!

Happy Weekend!


Kelli said...

What a special treat to have girls night!! You need that time!! Jonah looks sooooooo big sitting up like that!! Praying for no gushers and full nights sleep!!

Laura A said...

So glad you got a Girls Night Out!! That must have been lots of fun - girl talk is always good!

LOVE the Jonah pics, esp. the Sports Illustrated one! Matt's training him well (LOL!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Love from TX!

thorney said...

Jonah is sitting up so well. He looks so big in these pictures--he's a big boy!

I'm so glad you go to get out and have some girl fun. That is so important Patrice. Please don't ever feel that you have to justify your going out to us. You need fun time. It keeps you energized so you can come back and carry on with a smile in your heart.

How are the birthday party plans coming along?


Kim and Asa said...

I'm having a girls afternoon out tomorrow!!

I have a tip on the clothes. If you really like him to wear the onesies with the wide neck, buy the really big sizes now when you find them!!!

I love Asa to wear the one piece outfits that have snaps all the way up the front b/c he tube feeds and it is easier. These were easy to find when he was 6-9 months but they get harder and harder now that he is in 24 months. I buy all I see now! So if you see the type you like in a 12 month, go ahead and get a few of the 24 month! You'll be glad later!


Anonymous said...

Wow! A girls night...I bet you didn't know how to act! I just started doing a girls night a few months ago. Like you, we meet once a month. I love to go but while I am there I can't wait to get home and love on my sweet little man. I can't believe how fast Jonah is growing. Why does it have to go by so fast? Looks like he is doing great sitting up!
Hope you, Matt and sweet Jonah have a very blessed weekend!

Much love!

RLR said...

Good stuff all around - girls night, Grey's and Private Practice on your 'pretend' Thursday, and you forgot to mention that you were featured on Triad Smarty Pants! Hope you'll put a link on your blog so others can see the post :) Have a great weekend

Sandy P said...

Sounds like Jonah needs some blocks for his birthday. You should look into the soft foam blocks. They still have edges, but I think they would be softer than regular ones.

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

YAY! for your GNO ... you deserve it!!! Hope you have a great weekend:)

Lisa said...

Jonah is looking great and so big. I do have a question if you dont mind me being so forward for asking.
You said you use special stuff for his bootie so he wont blister. Having a little one at home and knowing how they "Work" how do you keep his skin intact when you clean him up after he does his "Business"?

brandie said...

Girls night...that sounds amazing! So glad you were able to get out and about, you totally deserve some 'fresh' air. Jonah is thriving so much, and looking so big, and great, and....stinkin adorable! I'm in love with his hair...and eyes! Oh how i could go on! Keep up the awesome work Patrice, Matt and Jonah!

Hope the rest of your weekend is happy :)

Patty said...

His hair is getting so long. He is such a cuddle bug. So glad you had a girls night out. I think you deserve it and am glad you are doing it once a month.

jandkland said...

Girls' night is ESSENTIAL for mommies! Do it regularly, enjoy it, and don't feel guilty about it for a single second! I love the pics of your little guy. He is totally adorable. Glad you're having a great weekend!

--Kelley in GA