Monday, January 11, 2010

jonah in a new blue chair

We've had another GREAT day today. Jonah ate over 28 ounces. No luck on the solids today, but I also didn't try very hard. He slept in a little, we missed our 7:30 start time for dressing change, so we didn't start until 11:00 I think. We can start at 7:30 and get done by the time he needs to eat (around 9:00) or we have to wait until he's eaten and had a short (in my arms) nap.

Here is a random photo from yesterday.

A man in Matt's parents' Sunday School class made this rocking chair for Jonah. Thank you so much, Robert! We put Jonah in it for the first time tonight, and he really liked it. You really have to watch him though as he likes to lean forward. Right now it's a high supervision toy, but I know he'll really like sitting in it to watch sports with Dad as he gets bigger.

Please excuse my complete inability to manually focus my camera on this next one. As quick as Jonah moves, it's hard to get it focused and snapped in time. Shaina and I both have problems with our cameras refusing to snap half the time when they are on Automatic Focus. We have Nikon D40's. Has anyone else had this problem? It is incredibly frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I've missed the best smile or greatest shot because the camera will just randomly stop snapping. Grrr.

After Jonah's dressing change today, Matt's mom, Jonah, and I headed back out to Gina's new cafe, Miller's on Main. A couple of you have asked where it is. The address is 4339 South Main Street. It's about a mile from the intersection of Main and Clemmonsville, kind of out in the country. It's a cute little place, and the prices are great! I've enjoyed both meals I've had there so far. The chicken stew is soooo good. (
Here's the post I did on NC chicken stew if you are wondering what it is.)

Gina held Jonah the ENTIRE time and walked him all around the restaurant. I got to eat peacefully. Now THAT is service. :)

And then I forgot to leave our waitress (our Pinedale friend, Katelyn) a tip. Yeah, it's bad, I know. I'm in the process of rectifying the situation. Sorry, Katelyn. I totally acknowledge the fact that I am a complete loser, and possibly the worst customer EVAH!

Later this evening Matt's mom and I went to check out a location for Jonah's birthday party. It is the PERFECT place, and I'm just hoping that it's not already booked. We won't know until we can talk to the lady who does the booking sometime in the next couple days. I think I'm going to do a carnival for his birthday. I have all these great ideas, but I'm completely overwhelmed. I know I have lots of great friends who will be willing to help (hint, hint), and I'm sure it will all come together, but right now it feels impossible (games, prizes, crafts, food, decorations... yikes!). I know I'll go overboard and it will probably be ridiculous to some people, but I just want it to be the greatest. I know I shouldn't think this way, but I can't help thinking, "What if this is the only birthday he ever gets? I want it to be so special." But maybe I should just think, "Wow! We never thought he'd make it this far. What a reason to celebrate!" Either way I get to rationalize a big party, and nobody can say anything about it. It comes with the serious illness territory. The mommy gets to go crazy at birthday time. Period.


I also wanted to mention that Meg and Jeff (Leah's parents) have posted an address where you can send cards if you feel so led. She would like them sent to her parents' house. Here is the address she has posted:

The Turnquists
2853 Shipley Road
Philadelphia PA 19152

She also published a beautiful post today and included one of the last photos of Leah. It is so precious, and I'm so glad that Meg has it. Beautiful Leah.


I'd also like to ask for prayers tonight for Baby Kessler (high school friends' baby) as he has just been released after being hospitalized with RSV. He is only a month old. And if you could also pray for Matt's baby cousin, Jake, Katherine's youngest, as he also tested positive for RSV today. He was hospitalized twice last year with it, so we are all just praying it's not as severe this time.

Thanks as always.


Janel Waters said...

GIRL! I cannot believe how big he looks - like a little man and not a baby anymore!! so ADORABLE!!! And that chair is the bomb! so cute!

As for the birthday - you know me - I say "go big or go home!". You know I got the cake covered, but please let me know if you need help with anything else!

What is up with RSV? I know about 5 or 6 babies with it right now! Definately praying for them all!

BreezieGirl said...

I don't have a Nikon, but I've had that problem with my Canon when on Auto Focus. The camera didn't know if it was supposed to focus close or far away in the depth of field.

I recently learned how to "back button focus" on my Canon and it's made a huge difference (especially when photography small children). Maybe that'll help? Before that I'd flip to manual focus once the auto focus chose the right spot to keep it from re-focusing. Good luck!

Laura A said...

Oh wow - Jonah looks like a little boy - no more baby look! Which is glad and sad, right? That's a terrific chair, too - what a wonderful gift! He and Matt will be doing some serious sports-watching together!!

I just have a little Olympus FE-210, but it does the same thing with the focus and it REALLY irritates me. I just figured I had a bad camera!

Jonah's birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure it will be the best, and I can't wait to see pics/videos! I'm planning Ashleigh's 4-year old party now, which we'll just keep to family, but she's already put in an order for a "pwincess cake!"

Praying as always- glad you had such a great day!


The Hill Family said...

i have the same camera and the same problem...frustration abounds...i am a blogstalker and I love me some jonah! rock out for his first's really a celebration that you made it this far are awesome!

Help the fight against EB! said...

It could do that for a couple of reasons.

1) you could be too close to your subject.

or more likely...

2) you are aiming it at an area with no contrast. The way your camera focuses is to look for high contrast points. Your D40 has 3 AF points if I'm not mistaken(those are the 3 dots you see)in the viewfinder. If one of those points is not falling on an area where there is a change in contrast (from light to dark), it can't make a judgement on focus. So, make sure one of those points is hitting a good contrast point (inside corner of an eye, for example)and you should see some improvement in that problem.

Your camera is pretty smart and can do a lot in auto, but believe it or not, sometimes you still have to be smarter. ;)

Hopefully that helps or someone who knows more than me can help, but until then, that's what I've got to give you. Love ya!

Jess and Krissy said...

Oh my gosh! He's so cute! And he looks just like you in that first picture! He's starting to look like a little grown up!

Help the fight against EB! said...

This is also where I could say you should have gotten a Canon. ;)

But I won't. Because I'm afraid that people wouldn't realize that I'm giving you a hard time and instead dissing (oh yes, i said it) Nikons. Then a Nikon v. Canon war erupt all over your blog and it would all be my fault. And I just couldn't have that. So I won't.

But I will ask... Are you really wearing those boots in public?! Scandalous.

Blake and Ashley said...

Man, mentioned on Jonah Williams' Blog! That's bigtime. Thanks so much for that. Kessler continues to improve and cough that junk up. Doctor said it's been a big viral season. Love the community of faith and encouragement you've got going here.

Be well,


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hey ... the link to Leah has an extra http in it so it won't work. If you just delete those four letters, it will be fine.

Thanks for asking for prayers for Jakey ... he's struggling to sleep right now. He may end up in our bed if he can't stay asleep ... he's just coughing in fits. Poor little man!

Love you --

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Oh, about the camera ... yeah, that's a common problem. If you're shooting in sport mode and it happens, it's just because the camera is like a funnel and if you take too many in a row, you have to wait for them to cycle through the funnel (work their way down) before you can take any more.

If you're NOT in sport mode, you can try to focus on something close to his face, like the neckline of his shirt or his ear ... whatever is well-lit in the frame ... and that might work.

Meg said...

Aw, love the chair! I had to show my hubs cause I thought it was SO cute...hubs said "what a precious boy" and that he loves Jonah :)

I like the twitter updates, it's nice to see how much Jonah is eating each day and how to pray :)

Hope you guys have a good night! :)


Katie said...

And I just realized I posted from the auction account on the other two. Oops. Too many email addresses to funnel through!

And reading through my lengthy first post, that should read "if none of your focus points fall on a contrast point".

I wonder how many times I can post a comment for this blog post. I'll have to come back tomorrow and add some more.

And you thought I only talked too much in real life....

Pamela said...

My heart melts every time I see pics of Jonah. He always look so happy.
To me, he looks so much like my Nathan. He's just a couple of months older than Jonah and has the same bright blue eyes and the same color hair. Here's to many many birthdays!!!!

Jennifer said...

My goodness he is getting so big!!! :)

About the camera, I took a photography class at school using a nikon d40, and now have one of my own. It is because you are too close to what you are trying to shoot. try backing up a little and zooming in. Either that, or switch the lens to manual focus and do that instead. :)

Other times, it'll be too dark, or your setting on the dial isn't right for the picture you are taking.

I hope this helps!

CJ said...

Wow, he looks so grown up...!

I have the same problem with my Nikon, but I always chocked it up to me being the user, It always seems to happen at the wrong moments.

Cute pictures, and good luck with his party! Cant wait to hear about it.

Becca B. said...

He is getting so big! Its such a blessing to see him looking so healthy and happy. Any reason you use, Jonah, and you and Matt deserve a big celebration for his first birthday.

Lueker Family Blog - Part 2 said...

I've been following your blog for a while but have never left a comment before. I sure feel for you guys and can't imagine what you're going through. Our thoughts and prayers are always with you! As for the birthday you should do whatever you want as big as you want and especially have as much fun as you want! Heaven only knows you guys deserve to have the best first birthday party ever!
Anna :)

thorney said...

Every dau it seems Jonah gets bigger and bigger :) I love that chair! He is going to have so much fun watching sports with daddy--I hope daddy has one as comfortable?

You do whatever birthday party you want for Jonah!! If you want to see pictures of a beautiful birthday party stop by and go back to the early part of October 09 and see the party they just did for G. G has SMA and wasn't expected to live to her 2nd b-day, so when she hit it to #2, they did a huge bash for her. Beautiful.

I say celebrate and find the joy in expressing your love for Jonah.
I wish I close enough to help do something, but Seattle is a bit far to do more than send you some fresh salmon to throw on the BBQ, but hey if you want some let me know.

Thank you for sending the card on to Meg and Jeff for me. I appreciate that so much.

Keeping you all in our prayers.

Blessings, Mari

Jessica K. said...

I have a Nikon d5000 and I got soo frustrated. The thing is that you get your camera and they already put setting on it. I only had to change it from single photo to series. The d40 can take 3pics a second but for it to do so you have to change the settings. Then you can just press down and it takes the pic a lot faster. My english sucks, but you should find this is your manual.

Jessica said...

I have the Nikon D40 too and thought it was just me!!! I (mostly) love the camera, but it does the same thing you are describing a lot. It is VERY frustrating! If you hear of a fix let me know!
The pics of Jonah are just adorable though!!!!

Kellie said...

I don't have a Nikon, but whenever my camera has stopped shooting randomly, indoors when I'm using the flash, it's because the flash is recharging. I didn't realize for the longest time... has nothing to do with focus so that may be completely unrelated.
I love reading your blog. I have a little chubby cheeked (like Jonah!) girl who is just one month older, and think of Jonah often and pray for you guys. :)

mary said...

Sounds like a flash issue with your camera -- turn the flash off WHENEVER possible. Yes, some photos may be blurry as a result, but your camera can work MUCH faster without waiting for it to recharge, and the light is usually so much nicer when you can use natural light rather than artificial flash. Keep those pictures of sweet Jonah coming!!! :-)

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Guys must be born with special "know how" look at Jonah spread out across that chair, just like older boys do. Those pictures the greatest.

How much is Jonah weighing these days & he must be at least 3+feet long..he is looking so growny.

Throw the BIGGEST & GREATEST b'day party known to man--Jonah & you & Matt deserve it. I must say Jonah is looking so good, his face is clearing & he is definitely paying attention to the world around him. that picture with your friend holding him, he is checking out everything that is going on.

I am going to have to make a trip to WS & find that restaurant, both times you have posted about it my mouth has watered. I want some CHICKEN STEW!!

Hope you have another great day, sounds like the week started off wonderful.

Thanks for the address for Meg, card will be in the mail today-my heart breaks for her.

Love & prayers all around

Erin said...

whoop whoop!! go jonah, go jonah, it's {almost} your Birthday!! i love his chair...precious. and as far as his First Birthday goes....i say go big or go home!!! i hope ya'll have a grrreat Tuesday with lots of laughter, naps, and smiles and noooo gushers and fussiness! much love and blessings from ga~erin

Sara said...

Hi Patrice- friend of the Taylors here again. I have a D40 and find that low-light causes a lot of issues with slow shutter speed. Four suggestions to help:
1) Use flash (get a flash difuser to help avoid the "white out" effect)... or splurge and buy an external flash.
2) focus on something about the same distance away (this helps when there's not much contrast in the area), then (keeping your finger on the button holding it halfway down - i.e. little red square is still there) move it over to Jonah.
3) Put it on continuous burst mode so that if you hold the button down it will take multiple pictures in a row. I find this speeds up the shutter.
4) Use the "S" setting, set your shutter speed semi-high and increase your ISO (not too much or it will be grainy).

Hope that helps. Ken Rockwell's site has a lot of great camera tips and tricks- even specific to the D40.

Michael, Melissa, and Ness said...

Just so you know, this will NOT be his last birthday..but make it big nonetheless.
His hair is getting so long! Arent EB babies suppossed to lose their hair! Guess Jonah didnt get THAT memo! As a mother of a baby with nice "rare" hair, I can say that he has more than mine! And I am the hairest person I know!
Anyways, what a doll!

Kirsten: said...

OMG - Jonah is getting SO BIG!!! Still such a cutie!!!

Tiffany said...

That chair is so adorable! What a sweet gift! I am glad you mentioned that about your camera. I love Nikons, and I was thinking of eventually switching to that one - good to know. Jonah is growing!! What a sweetie you have. You all continue to be in my prayers.

Tracie said...

I am so happy that the past few days have been great for ya'll! That is such awesome news and it makes my heart smile!
As for the birthday do what you want and don't worry about what anyone might say about it! It is Jonah's birthday...and personally, I think he deserves the best ever considering what he endures every day!

Melissa @ The Littlest Lobo said...

You are right, Jonah is really looking like a big boy now, instead of a baby. Doesn't it make you sad? It always make me sad when I realize how big Camden is getting.

I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from on the party front! We invited 75 families to Camden's 1st birthday party! I know it was completely ridiculous, but I wanted everyone to celebrate with us the fact that we had a healthy child that made it to age 1! I guess I will always want Camden's birthdays to be a big affair since Carsyn never got to have any birthday parties.

Hope you can find the perfect place and I know you will have tons of help with all the details!

Lisa A said...

HI Patrice, Matt & Jonah
I am a regular reader of your blog and have been now for about 12mths and this is my first comment, I just wanted to say how much Jonah looks like both you and Matt and is doing so everyday, I love reading the journey you are taking in your lives...Is there an address were we could send Jonah a Birthday card...Thanks Lisa A (Australia)

Krystal said...

I have a D-50 (love it, though I'm still learning what I can do with it) and wonder if you have the sport setting. I'd try that, if you haven't. (I don't know if the flash will work with the sport setting.) Also, make sure that the red eye reduction option is off so the flash doesn't have to go off a few times before the picture is actually taken. Best wishes for happy picture taking!

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

LOVIN' him lounging in that rocker ... just like a boy:) And do that birthday up big-time. You all deserve the biggest party of the year!

Greg and Melissa said...

ohhhh LUke is only 4 months and I have already said the same exact words about his first birthday! Either way it is completely justified!

The River Conlin's said...

Jonah melts my heart. He is precious. I am not sure when or how I found your blog, but I now check it almost daily to check on Jonah. My 2 year old daughter even ask about Jonah. Your family is always in my prayers.

Mollie said...

put your on continous foucs not on single point focus. It will focus at all time not just when you hit the button. If it is on single focus, it will not take picture if out of focus.

The Hollimans said...

I always use the kids and pets setting on my camera and that works pretty well, but I have trouble whenever I need to use a flash. I always love to use that setting where you hold the shutter down and it takes one picture after the next rapidly until you let go of the shutter. Once again, only works if it's bright enough to not need a flash. Jonah is so cute.

Sandy said...

The blue chair and Jonah's big blue eyes . . . WOW! Loving the pictures. Can't believe how your little guy is growing! He's great! God is good . . . all the time.

Love and prayers,
Sandy More