Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a long day and poo on Ida

A very long day today.

Jonah only took 18 ounces, and it was a MAJOR struggle getting him to take even that much. He's now fighting us even in his sleep. He's a smart one, he is. I hope this is just the last couple days and not a habit, or we'll be in trouble and on the road to a g-tube yet again. He'll be weighed again on Friday, so we'll see where he stands.

He's still not napping except in my arms... like I said... Long Day.

Don't get me wrong, he's sweet and beautiful, and I love holding him, but I get so tired struggling to get him to sleep and feed him, all I want to do is lie down... if only for thirty minutes. But as soon as I try to put him down, his eyes pop open. And unfortunately, most of the time he's not waking up happy.

Sorry, today is a negative day. We haven't even stepped out the door in two days, something about a tropical storm passing through... constant rain... frigid wind. No fun.

I'm having a hard time knowing how to entertain him (and myself) for a full day stuck in doors with no napping. We've had rough nights the last two or three, so I think I'm just overly tired. It's my night tonight, but I'm hoping it goes well, and I can catch up a little. My whole perspective changes when I'm tired, and I HATE being a whiny baby. I know we have it good.

Could you say a few prayers for Tripp tonight? He's struggling with a nasty cold or virus or something and is also having major pain from chronic mouth blisters/sores (EIGHT TEETH last I heard). Courtney is having to suction him about every five minutes. I know by the way I'm feeling, it must be 20 times harder for her. And she handles it with such grace, always thankful. Anyway, if you could say a prayer for Tripp to feel better soon and for strength for his parents, I know they would appreciate it so much.

And on another note...



Laura A said...

Praying for Tripp - and for you! I hope you're able to get some rest - I know that being tired clouds my whole perspective. It's not fun.

Does Jonah have (can he have?) something musical to attach to the crib? Byron (my 2-yr old) has the Fisher Price Rain Forest, and he LOVES it. He got it when he was pretty small (around Jonah's age, I think), and he was mesmerized. It helps him get to sleep, and it entertains him when he wakes up early and I'm not ready to get him out of bed!

I'm sure you've probably already tried something like this, but wanted to suggest it.

...I'd offer to come and hold him while you nap, but it's a LOONG drive from TX! Wish I could, though!

Hang in there!


Kelli said...

Praying for sweet precious sleep for you and Jonah tonight. Hope eating goes well too!!!

maurerjen said...

I've been wondering how you were doing with all of this rain. It's been driving me nuts not to get out with Jude - I can't imagine how much more trapped you must feel.

We'll be praying that Jonah starts drinking his milk like a maniac and that he sleeps surprisingly well tonight.

And thank you for Jude's birthday wish. :) Once we get back from Cincy and make sure we're not carrying germs, we need to get those two boys together. Pretty sure Jude told me he misses Jonah.

Candice said...

I'm sorry that you two have had a rough day.
Maybe you're addressed this, but is there any possibility of a wonderful grandmotherly type being able to relieve you for a few hours once or twice a week?
It just seems like there are so many amazing seniors who are lonely that would love to make a difference in your lives--and you in theirs!
God Bless! You are a wonderful Mama!

Anita said...

Praying you all get some rest and Jonah will eat. I wish I were close to help you. I've become a pro grandma at rocking a baby to sleep!! Thank you so much for your prayer request for Tripp. Those two babies have the most awesome moms!! So sorry Ida went in your direction! She was very nice to us. :)

Libby said...

Oh, so hard! When you're tired AND cooped up, I know it can be rough. Is there any chance of you napping together--stacked on the couch, or him snuggled next to you on the bed? I'll pray you all get more sleep!

Rebekah said...

My daughter was like that. I would be so exausted and all I felt like I really did was hold her all day. I would have done anything for just one hour to get a shower and brush my teeth. I can only say that I think it gets better. I struggled with my daughter till she was much older, but it did get better. I hope Jonah's sleep patterns get better for you.

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to be stuck at home with a baby, plus trying to keep them entertained is SO difficult! Just today I was thinking about you and the sacrifice you make to stay home with Jonah. I know what it's like to feel isolated, but I know nothing what it is like to spend a day in your shoes. Know that I'm praying for you (and for Tripp! He is such a little cutie!). Hope you catch up on some sleep!


thorney said...

Keeping Jonah in our prayers, and you and Matt too.

Are you able to lay down, on your bad, and nap with Jonah? I'm sure you've tried it all. I used to put my oldest, Dylan, on my chest and lay in bed so I could get a nap in.

Keeping Tripp in our prayers too.

Blessings, Mari

Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

keeping you and Jonah in my prayers...praying you and Jonah are able to rest and he is able to get the proper nutrients. I think I live pretty close and would love to help you in any way that I could...Love to your family from ours. Wendee

Sewconsult said...

I wish I could run right over on a regular basis to help with Jonah or just to be a friend who listens...face to face. Praying for You all. You need a good night's sleep...several! Breathe.
Hugs from TN.

lmashe81 said...

I know that there are a lot of people who aren't for babies sleeping in bed with you, but have you tried laying him down in your bed with you while you lay with him, just to rest with him since you are having to hold him. That is what i did with my babies. we took naps together in my bed. they never slept in our bed at night, but they did at nap time. It is just a suggestion. I know that Jonah has needs that my babies didn't. just a thought. I hope and pray it gets better. WE are praying for you.

Linda said...

Hi Patrice:
Praying for Jonah and Tripp. Hope Jonah starts to eat a little better for you. Meg is having feeding problems with Leah too. Her corneal abrasion is slow to heal, because she keeps rubbing her face, so we think it might be she's a little fussy because her eye hurts. Please say a prayer for Leah too. We want her to start eating better and the eye to get better. Thanks Patrice Love Leah's Nana

Erin said...

Keep sharing with us-- good days and bad. You've no need to apologize for being honest about hard days. It sucks that you don't get a break, that you can't let Jonah fuss on his own without risking his skin, that you have to use his precious sleeping minutes to try to feed him. You have the work of a mama with triplets or more, all rolled up into one beautiful boy. Hang in there! The only sound advice I can offer is that this too shall pass. And a new challenge will take it's place, but hopefully you'll be getting good rest when it does! Sleep is priceless, and I pray you get a good dose soon!

Anonymous said...

Can you put Jonah in a sling or baby carrier? I don't know what all is out there but maybe someone on Etsy could make a pouch or sling with satiny lining, then you could just strap him to you and he could sleep and you'd have free hands.

Ellen said...

Praying for Tripp and Jonah too! My first daughter would only nap in my lap! I never got to get anything done! Its hard! Now my daughter is almost 22..time sure does fly! And your allowed to be whiney! Big Hugs!

Patty said...

I agree with the lady that suggested a grandmother helping you. I'd love to...I have no idea where you live though. You are such a blessing to me. And I know you struggle with alot and I am so encouraged by your daily strength. I know you love Jonah with all you have and he is a great little guy to have in your life. There is a reason for all this. You may never know it, but you have already been such a blessing to those of us who daily read your blog. Keep up the fight and you will continue to be amazed at what God has instore for your family.

Toni :O) said...

I hope someone who is close by and come and help you tend to sweet Jonut so then you could get some sleep. I remember the sleep deprivation so well and it's really, really draining. You no good to anyone if you haven't had sleep yourself...hopefully someone can come and help you soon. Hang in there and I'm so sorry you're going through this. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs for support. We know not every day is rosy and we all have our ups and downs, although yours is magnified. Stay strong and keep the faith.

Courtney Roth said...

Gosh, every time I read your blog... I feel like it's me writing it too. We lead such similar lives that it's scary! Tripp sleeps either while you're rocking him, in his rocker when he's really tired.. BUT with you rocking him (he will wake up as soon as you stop rocking), or in my arms on the couch. That is how we napped yesterday and now my couch is covered in aquaphor!! Ha. O well. I hope that you got some sleep and that Jonah lets you nap today. Gosh, it must be all that Little Bear and TV that's just ruining him as a child... haha.. just picking (how ignorant was she.) Tripp actually has a DVD player that we put in his crib at night and he watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse until he falls alseep. He loves it, and all those "crib" toys weren't cutting it... he was like, "uh, these are boring"
Anyway, all my love sent your way! Wouldn't it be nice if we lived next door to each other? Trust me, I know how it feels not to trust anyone else with your child! You can't just let anyone come over and watch him. It's a lot more difficult than that! I'd give anything to give you a break because I know EXACTLY how you feel. FREAKEN exhausted.
Love ya!

Amber Schmidt said...

Still praying from KY. I know that a g-tube is a big step but from a mom whose child has had one for almost two years... it was the best possible thing. We struggled SO much to get our DD to eat and then what little she did eat (like 20 cc) she would puke up MORE than what went down. At one point I cried and asked her if she wanted to die? I mean I could figure out no other reason for her to fight eating. We put that g-tube in and it has been the most welcome sigh of relief. Even at 3 years old she STILL does not consume 1/5 the calories she should by mouth. No problem.. hook up that tube and there is no more fighting or crying...

I am praying with all my heart that Jonah doesn't need a g-tube but also praying that if he does that it would bring as much relief to your family as it has to ours.

If you ever want to chat about tube stuff just let me know :)

Hen Jen said...

praying for you and for Trip. I am praying you will get some sleep, lack of sleep colors everything for a mommy.

Jen Burns said...

Negative? That wasn't negative, for cryin' out loud, you've got to be exhausted. Being cooped up inside is rough...Do you call people over for some interaction? Maybe a board game or something? I love board games!

Joye said...

Ethan was having trouble with his naps, so I bought a book called "The No-Cry Nap Solution". It has some really good ideas, and there's even a whole section on how to transition a baby from sleeping in your arms to the crib. Maybe it could be of some help!

I'll be praying that y'all get some quality rest soon!!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Praying for Jonah, you, Tripp & Courtney. Hopefully, you got some sleep last night & Jonah is eating like a champ today.

Lack of sleep makes all of us EVIL--just keep praying & rocking.

I would offer to come over & play scrabble, but I am just learning you would not have any fun (ha)

Hopefully this weekend you will be able to get outside..the rain is suppose to stop.

Lots of love & prayers

Audrey said...

Sorry! This must be so tough. I know I nearly lose my mind when my 7m doesn't nap, and that's only on occassion. I did however have to make him cry it out for about a week to get him to sleep well, on his own, in his bed. I know that must not be a very viable option with Jonah's EB, but maybe there are some options from other EB mommies out there??

I wish we could help you.

Oh, and maybe his little teeth are going to pop out and it's causing his sleep/eating disruptions?


Lisa said...

Hang in there, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh "Do Over" day. All littl ones go thru that phase of "I'm not gonna sleep anywhere but here" and you can't make me. This is your blog and blog how you like, how you feel. Its a great form of therapy for you. Take care and sneak in a nap if you can.

Jenn said...

Hi Patrice,

Do you have a sling, or some sort of other carrier that you could carry Jonah in while he sleeps, and at least get some stuff done? I also had a baby that only slept in my arms, and we were lucky to have a big comfortable lazy boy rocker that we would sit in...comfortable enough that I could sleep too. At least then we both got some rest!