Monday, October 26, 2009

pumpkin patch, part 2

We went to J. Razz and Tazz Farm. I thought it was pretty fun... lots of things for the kids to do, but the pumpkin patch is kinda small... basically about 20 to 30 pumpkins sitting under a small batch of trees.

Shaina took all these photos. I played around with them in Photoshop.

I have decided that I like color.

Jonah's girlfriend, Quinn, and her dad, Nathan.

Jonah and Quinn in the pumpkin patch.

Looking at the pumpkins.

Apparently I picked the wrong one.

My niece, Ainsley, and Quinn's big sister, Rory.

The Cow Train.

My brother, Peyton, his wife, Amy, and Baby J... watchin' the Cow Train.

Turkey in the straw. Jonah in the corn.

Peyton... don't ask.

It took me two days to blur this corn. Make sure you appreciate it.
Asher and Ainsley in the corn bin.


purejoy said...

i love your blurry corn. but i like your captions even better. what a fun day. 30 pumpkins or not. . . you've got family. what more could you want?
jonah looks chubby and adorable. love the mommy kiss

Carol said...

I love your pictures! IT looks like a fun day, letting Jonah enjoy just being a kid!!! You guys too! I updated my blog post about Jonah, and added a scripture I found on your site soon after Jonah was born. Also, I dedicated a song to him; Richard Marx singing "Angel's Lullaby". I am making something for Jonah. I am an artist and I make these watercolor prints, but then I would need an address to send it to. Also, I could include lots of things if you tell me what you would like. It will be his Name, but I can add date of birth, weight, length, hospital, city of birth, I could mention Gabe's name (or not), a special scripture, and if you have a room theme or colors, that would help me to make it match. Let me know which if any of this you would like on your picture. If you want to see what they look like, go to my blog again, and down the side margin, under "sites of interest", you will see "Carol's art site". Open that site and scroll down a little ways and you will see these name watercolors. That is what I want to make for Jonah!

Jill E. said...

awesome! i love the close up one of you two! great work hon- keep it up, i love baby jonut stories!

Ebeling Family said...

how fun!! thanks for sharing your adventure with us- and yes, I love color, too!!
Especially fall color :)


Jennifer, Sunshine, Angel, Miss Thang, My Birdy (formerly Baby) said...

yeah, I can't blur backgrounds very well yet either....I mean to say, you are clearly a pro!

I love the pictures. I have said before, I love the updates. Jonah is heavy in my heart and I constantly pray for you all.

Carrie said...

I love Jonah. I want to reach through the computer screen and give him a big hug. Great pictures.

Jessica said...

Blurred corn appreciated...and those other ones too.
So glad you were able to get out and about.

melanie said...

Happy Eighth Month Birthday, today Jonah-Man! Love you!

Staci said...

Golly Patrice, that is the best blurry corn I have ever seen! If I take my glasses off it gets about 1000x more blurry too :)

Aside from not liking the pumkin you picked out it looks like Jonah had a good time. Make those memories, before you know it they have had all their "firsts". Enjoy them while they last.

Penny said...

If you want blurred backgrounds without editing, just put your camera on portrait shot and make sure it focuses on your subject. It works for me. =)
Looks like you had a great day.

Lauren said...

i appreciate the corn (and the skills that made it blurry.)

i'll call you this afternoon to talk about the weekend possibilities...

Melissa in TN said...

Photoshop can be tough to learn - when I started I picked up a lot going to and watching some of their free tutorials. I know free time is a precious commodity but if you ever want to learn how to do a certain effect - this site is really good at showing you how step by step . . . Or if you ever want some freebie help from a stay at home mom who was a graphic designer BK (before kids:) just give me a yell. Love your pictures - Jonah looks so sweet! All our love and prayers for him and his little buddy.

Melissa in TN

Anonymous said...

Totally appreciate the blurred corn! It rocks!

Love, prayers, and laughs from South Carolina

Anonymous said...

The blurry corn is ok but the 2nd pic of Jonah and Quinn and their huge cheecks is even better!!

Angie said...

I just want you to know how much I appreciate the blurred corn!

I love any and all pictures of Jonah. My youngest two kids have started praying for Jonah every night. We live in Africa, by the way, just so you'd know that people far, far away from N.C. love and care about Jonah. I'm pretty much addicted to your blog and check it daily.

Wish we could kiss his sweet cheeks.

P.S. I'm originally from Louisiana and your chicken stew is like our chicken and dumplings minus the dumplings!

Laura A said...

LOVE the blurred corn!! :)

And it looks like you had a terrific day at the pumpkin patch- so glad you all had a wonderful time!

Also saw the post on Tripp. Will leave Courtney a message as well, but he is in my prayers.

So is Jonah!

Love from TX!

erin said...

awesome job on the corn!! such a cute pic of ya'll! been praying that he will eat better and gain weight. i love his gorgeous. hope ya'll are having a good tues. i saw the update on tripp. bless his little heart. but thank God he will be able to breathe better. how does his face stay so clear? is his eb different from jonahs? just curious. much love and blessings~erin

Anonymous said...

Corn? What corn? All I can see is a yello/green blur. :)
The pictures are wonderful. He is such a beautiful inspiration.

Anonymous said...

wasn't sure if you saw this blog. Might make you feel a little better.

minshewmom said...

Just wanted to tell you about a program I recently started using to edit pictures. Photoshop is so hard to learn, and it is very time consuming trying to learn all of the steps to get that picture just right. Try You can use try it for free online. If you like it you can upgrade to premium, which has more features for $25 a year. Take a look...I think you will like how easy it is!

Praying for sweet Jonah!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are SO good! Great job on the editing. Very cool!

Sooo...I saw your husband at...Target (imagine that, hehe) today!! So funny because I got all nervous (haha) like I was meeting a celebrity! :o) All I managed to ask was, "Are you Patrice's husband?" and then I told him I read your blog and keep up with Jonah. I thought later - I should've told him I keep you all in my daily prayers, because I do! Anyway, it was so nice to meet him :o)
Leah Robbins