Sunday, October 25, 2009

pumpkin patch, part 1

We did make it to the Pumpkin Patch today, and I have many more pictures and some words to go with them, but it's already after 11:00, and Jonah's decided that he likes to wake up at 6:30 at least every other morning.


More pictures to come, but here are a couple of my favorites. I'm still learning Photoshop so these two took me MUCH LONGER to edit than I care to admit. I'm embarrassed actually... but learning.

So I'll try to work on the others and get them up... ya know... sometime relatively soon... maybe.

Three important lessons I learned today:
1. If you take a hay ride with your almost eight month old baby, do NOT sit right next to the farmer man whose trying to give the tour of the farm. Because your baby WILL scream the entire time, and you WILL spend the whole ride clapping his hands for him (because he thinks it's really funny) and singing "You Are My Sunshine" in his ear over and over again, holding your breath, hoping that he'll please, please be quiet... your baby, that is, not the farmer.
2. You should probably go to the pumpkin patch to get cute pics and maneuver your child into ridiculous poses at the beginning of the trip, when he's still in a semi-decent mood, rather than waiting until last thing. It wasn't pretty, people. Just wait. You'll see. (You know, sometime in the ambiguous future.)
3. And finally, meteorologists are full of poop. Up to the time we left the hour by hour forecast was saying it was going to be 65 degrees and sunny. Not so much. It was cloudy, and it couldn't have been over 55. CHILLY.

We had a good time though... definitely made memories... just not the kind I was expecting. :)

And finally, please don't miss Jonah's prayer request for his friend, Tripp, in the post below.


Cathy said...

Cute pictures! I don't know anything about Photoshop. If you're into quick and easy though, you should try out for all your photo editing needs. I love it. I look forward to more pictures of your little pumpkin amongst the pumpkins!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Adorable! I'm so glad you guys made it!

Meg said...

You made me smile after a really rough night with our little one...the only-only-only thing that will calm him is "You Are My Sunshine" in his ear too. :) About 105 times.

I'm happy to hear it works for Jonah too :0) Makes me smile and laugh!

Caleb finally fell asleep at 11pm. Time to shower. :)

thorney said...

Jonah look adorable. I am so glad you made it to the pumpkin patch today and were able to create some wonderful family memories. Very special.

Blessings, Mari

Jennifer, Sunshine, Angel, Miss Thang, My Birdy (formerly Baby) said...

I call my oldest son My Sunshine because I too sang that song to him when he was little. Good stuff.

Although it was only 55, I am so glad it did not rain.

He is so beautiful - he radiates love. You will continue to be in our will Tripp. Thank you for bringing us to his family.

Aimee said...

great pictures...I went on Tripp's Caring Bridge site and told them we were praying for him today!
love and hugs...and plenty of prayers for baby Jonut too!
XXOO - Aimee

Heather said...

Love the pix!

rameelin said...

I love your family picture at the pumpkin patch! We go every year with the kids and it is my favorite thing to do. Granted, there's not ALOT of exciting things for them to do but they seem to enjoy it! You look beautiful! Praying for Tripp...

Laura A said...

Glad the pumpkin patch was entertaining! Isn't it funny what we'll do to keep the peace?!

I'm praying for Tripp, and as always am praying for sweet Jonah.

Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!


Carol said...

My post for the day is about you and your precious Jonah. Hoping to round up lots more followers and prayer warriors. Check it out!!! Carol at Choose Joy

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Sweet!! Jonah, sounds like mommie didn't appreciate your commentary about the farm tour (ha)

Of course anything that will get mommie to sing to you is worth the crying.

I thought about you most of the day yesterday when I was out & about, kept praying that it would not rain, but would warm up for you. Oh well, at least it didn't rain.

How is your eating/drinking been these last couple of days? Hope wonderful.

Thanks for letting us know about Tripp, he is in my prayers, right after you.

Keep up the good work are too, too precious for words.

love ya

Melanie said...

Adorable pics, and I'm glad you guys got to go to the pumpkin patch. Where did you guys go? I live near you, and I was searching for a nearby patch that's good. Would you recommend the one you went to? As always praying for you and Jonah in King, NC.

Tiffany said...

Great photos - you did a wonderful job with photoshop! It really isn't bad once you get the hang of it! The pumpkin patch sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

We took our kids to the pumpkin patch and I thought it would only be appropriate to go on the hay ride, because we needed the full pumpkin patch experience. Turned out that Anthony wasn't cool with the idea of sitting in our laps for the ride, and really wanted to crawl around on the floor playing with the hay, which we were told was a no-no. So, we ended up fighting him the entire way, while I sang songs in his ear and begged him to please cooperate. I never considered that being on the hay ride would be like a trap on wheels!


Sincerely, Stephnie said...

Everytime we had something fun planned to do, it never quit turned out how I pictured in my head. First time at the fair ended with a one both boys screaming and my boobs leaking. Disneyland.....My 5 yr old yelling that he hated the most happiest place on earth and he was never coming back. Please take into consideration that it was 9pm and we had been there for 10+ hrs. Atleast that's what I was telling myself as I licked my motherly wounds and wanted to cry myself.

We definatly made memories, but just as you...not the kind I had hoped for. :)