Sunday, September 27, 2009

seven months today

Hi friends!

Today I turned seven months old.

Can you believe that???

Yeah, me neither.

So what’s going on with me these days? Well, every day I’m getting more and more personality. Mom and Dad just LOVE hanging out with me.

I can’t really blame them.

I mean, I like hanging out with me too.

I currently weigh 17 lbs, 6 oz. Mom says she has no idea how I keep gaining so much weight. I barely eat 20 ounces a day, and I usually have one to three gushers in a 24 hour period. Mom and Dad know it’s God watching over me. That’s the only explanation.

Oh, you know what? God did a miracle right in front of our eyes last week. Mom noticed blood and drainage that had soaked through my bandages on the middle of one of my feet. She knew that probably meant I had a big blister there so was not looking forward to dressing change. But a couple of hours later, at dressing change, she unwrapped me and noticed that ALL three layers of my bandages were bloody. But then, when she finally got me completely unwrapped, there was nothing there. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Perfect Skin. Now explain THAT one.

I have some new favorites this month. My new favorite song is a song Mom grew up singing at Bible Camp. It’s called, “Said I Wasn’t Gonna Tell Nobody,” and it’s a really catchy tune about not keeping what the Lord has done for you to yourself. It keeps me happy when nothing else will during dressing change, and sometimes it will help me eat. I still really like “Only a Boy Named David” too.

Mom does this new thing that I think is hilarious. When she’s mixing my medicine and rice cereal into my bottles, she takes them in her hands, shakes them (and her bootie!), and sings, “Shake-a, Shake-a, Shake-a” to a little tune. It will make me smile EVERY. TIME. Even when I’m fussy or tired - I just think it’s the funniest thing.

And Dad always does a boxing announcement for me when he holds me after bath. You can’t really blame him. After all, I look like this.

He says something like this, “And now, in this corner, weighing in at 17 pounds, 6 ounces, from Winston-Salem, NC, the undisputed, undefeated, unchallenged, super-duper flyweight champion of the world, Jonah THE EBJEEBIES Williams.”
He He He. Dad’s silly.

I’m still intrigued with hands – mine or anybody else’s for that matter. I’m reaching out and holding on to bigger things for longer amounts of time now. I love holding tags, ribbons, or my stuffed animals’ tails. Just in the last couple days, I’ve discovered my own hair, started scratching at my cheek, playing with my ear, and doing a waving motion. Mom says I don’t know what a wave is, but I’ve definitely figured out that my fingers wiggle.

I still haven’t rolled over yet, but I’m getting so close. I can go from one side completely over to the other, but nothing beyond that. I tolerate tummy time a little better now, but I’m still not a fan. Mom tries to work with me daily on my tummy time, sitting up, and rolling over. I’m getting stronger and getting closer to being able to support myself sitting. Sometimes I’ll balance with my hands down, but not often. I’m really hesitant to put weight on my hands. Mommy’s also trying to get me to put weight on my legs. She tries to carefully hold onto me by my torso while I practice crumpling to the ground skillfully putting weight on my legs. I’m not so great at it, but we’ve really only started practicing that this very week. My feet do touch the floor now when I’m in my exersaucer, so Mom hopes that will get me more used to it.

Things are definitely still rough on the eating solids front. What do I mean by that?
I mean that I DON’T



Got it, Mom? Sheesh. How many times do I have to tell you?

But even with my feeding inconsistencies and severe acid reflux issues, I’m becoming a super-content baby.

I am just as happy as can be. I seem to only fuss these days if I’m hungry, tired, have a dirty diaper, or I’m in pain. Other than that, I’m a happy boy… especially if we can get out and about. I love that I’ve switched to my big boy stroller now and can see what’s going on in the world around me. I’ll stroll around Target or the mall ‘til the cows come home if it means I can people watch.

And Mom says she is IN LOVE with my laugh.
It’s not a typical baby laugh, and Mom likes it that way. She says it’s fitting that I would be atypical. I don’t know what that means, but I seem to make her smile a lot, so I’ll take it as a compliment. (Mom also asks that I let you know that her hair was wet in this picture because she had just gotten out of the shower. It's NOT Aquaphor grease.)
My laugh is more of a huge smile followed by a high-pitch squeal. See?

I had a special visitor for my seven month birthday. My Aunt Kim came all the way from New York on a big airplane to see me. She loves me so much, and I can tell she’s a mommy too, because she knows all the best songs and just the right way to read stories. I loved having her here.

But as much as my Aunt Kim loves me, NOBODY can love me as much as these guys do.

Well, Mom says that’s not exactly true. She says there is One who loves me more than anybody here on earth ever could. She says that God loves me more than the birds in the air, more than the flowers in the field, more than ANYTHING. I can’t imagine anyone loving me more than Mom and Dad do, but Mom says it’s true. She says that He’s the reason I live and breathe. He’s the reason I’m growing, infection free, improving every day. I know I can’t really get it right now, but Mom and Dad are trying their hardest to show me that kind of love. All I can say is that God must love me a whole bunch if He loves me more than they do. Because they love me A TON!


Anonymous said...

Prayers always.

Anonymous said...


Tricia said...

Such a sweet post. Happy 7 month birthday, Jonah!

Robyn said...

such a sweetie, thanks for sharing! praying for a restful night for you all!

Mimmy said...

Is is so hard to believe that Jonah is 7 months old. When I started reading your blog he was still in the hospital. Time sure flies when you're having fun and you, Jonah and Matt have given me many hours of joy. Hopefully, sometime when I come to visit Tracy and George I can meet you.

God Bless and love you to Heaven and back,
Aunt Joyce aka Mimmy

Following HIM said...

Happy 7 months sweet Jonah!! You grow more and more handsome each and every day :)

Erin said...

i know he brings such joy to ya'll! he is so darn cute..i could eat him up!! i can't wait to see pics of him sitting! have a great week. I hope ya'll get out for some adventures this week without any pukefests! happy birfday jonut!
much love and blessings~erin

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog since right after Jonah was born. It is one of my favorite times of the day when I get to sign on and check it. I am still in college and not ready to be a mommy yet, but I love reading about your family. I wish every baby had parents like Jonah does. I am so proud of how you two have taken control of his health and take such great care of him! I am so glad he's growing and doing so well. God is great!

Anonymous said...

I love that you do these monthly birthday posts! He's going to LOVE these one day!!! Happy 7 month birthday, Jonah!
Laura in Oxford

Country Roads said...

Love it, love it, love it...when Jonah speaks from his heart on his monthly birth-dates!! Happy SEVEN Months today!!!

Rebecca said...

Happy 7 months Jonah!!!

Robin said...

The pictues are gorgeous and reading how far Jonah has come in even the last thirty days is amazing! The picture where he is holding on to Matt is beyond precious! I have a feeling the milestones are going to be fast and furious in the next couple of months. He is a smarty pants and he looks like he's just about ready to start rocking this world :>
Love to you all and thank you for allowing us to share in the joy of Jonah!
Robin in TX

Laura A said...

Happy 7-month birthday, sweet Jonah! You are growing beautifully and I can tell you have lots of personality. God is going to do a mighty work in you, Jonah - just look what He's already done in 7 months!

We love you very much here in Texas and will keep praying for you.

Laura (and the rest of Team Anderson!)

KK said...

Happy 7th month birthday dude! Jesus sure does love you!

Rose said...

My son, who does not have EB, didn't eat any baby food whatsoever until he was 9 months old. Even then, it was applesauce and only applesauce.

Happy 7 months Jonah!

Trina and Jophie said...

Absolutely squeezy cute! Love that sweet little laugh :0)

Happy 7 months little Jonut!

Trina and Jophie

Anonymous said...

LOL! Jonah, you are so have your mommy's sense of humor!
Happy 7 month birthday Jonah! You, your mommy and daddy are all so precious to the world. Hope you all have a wonderful night.

wendee in lewisville

Janel Waters said...

Happy 7 month birthday big boy!! I'm so proud of you! You just keep on growing!

Anonymous said...

He is getting so big, and you can totally see his little personality shining through. He looks great in those pictures. It's so great to see and hear the stories of how well he is doing and how God is doing such miraculous things in Jonah's life.


Jenny Hintze said...

He looks so great!! And really 17 lbs. is pretty much right on for a 7 month old, isn't it? That's amazing considering how much he's consuming and spitting up. God is good, folks.

jenlar3 said...

Jonah The EBJEEBIES Williams!! hahaha

And he totally looks like he is giving you attitude in the middle "not eating" photo!

Happy 7 month Birthday Jonah! You arfe looking Good!!

Rachel said...

Hi Patrice,

Have you tried (how many times have you heard that one) making your own baby food? My daughter ate so much more when I made it because it tastes SO much better (not to mention tons cheaper and healthier). Oh and what about Yobaby yogurt? They have 110 calories in a small container. It is made from whole milk and can be started at 6 months. The apple one is really good. Just trying to brainstorm how to get him to eat more...

Jonah is a gorfeous little man...thanks for the updates as I check in daily!

Jess and Krissy said...

The way you witness through your blog is absolutely incredible. You are amazing, and so is baby Jonut!

Tracy said...

Happy 7 months! He just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love his little laugh and how happy he is in the pictures :)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Jonut!

I've read your blog for a while now, and lots of nights I am struck with how beautiful Jonah is, and how difficult it may be for some people to see that (per your previous post). I had a song going through my head reading tonight, and wanted to share it (sing it) with you. it is one of my favorites:

In the bulb there is a flower, in the seed, an apple tree;
In cocoons, a hidden promise, butterflies will soon be free!
In the cold and snow of winter there's a spring that waits to be,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

There's a song in every silence, seeking word and melody;
There's a dawn in every darkness, bringing hope to you and me.
From the past will come the future, what it holds, a mystery,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.

In our end is our beginning, in our time, infinity;
In our doubt there is believing, in our life, eternity,
In our death, a resurrection at the last, a victory,
Unrevealed until its season something God alone can see.

Much love, from Kingwood TX~
Sara K.

Sara said...


I just love the picture of you and Jonah lying down, with you looking over at him! He is just precious, it is a great picture of both of you!

queenmari said...

happy 7th birthday jonah!!! you are so cute. adorable.

keeping you and your mommy and daddy in our prayers.

blessings, mrs. mari

Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures as always. I love the monthly updates from Jonah! The next to last picture of you and Jonah is the best :)

Em said...

Jonah looks sooooo good!!! He is the most beautiful baby. I love your posts, I love your family and thank you for allowing us into your life. It's amazing to follow Jonah has he grows. I love it!

Lauren said...

happy 7 months, jonah! you're looking awesome and becoming such a cool little guy :)

Toni :O) said...

Happy 7 month birthday sweet boy! His little giggle is priceless! So happy to read that he's doing so well. Much love and hugs to you all.

Erin said...

Happy 7 months Jonah! This post was precious and just heart warming.

Journey of the George's said...

What a great post! Jonah is so cute! I love seeing all the pictures of him and keeping up with your family. Prayers for you all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Jonah!!!! God is so good. I haven't commented in a while but read your blog and pray every day for you guys. He is one handsome dude!! Praying daily that God continues to wrap his loving arms around Jonah to continue to let him thrive and grow!!God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle in Va

Lari said...

Happy 7th month Jonah! You are such a cutie!

Maile said...

What a delightful laugh. He is one happy boy! Happy 7 months!

Baby Bird said...

Happy 7 months, sweet baby Jonut!
Love, Aimee

Anonymous said...

Happy 7 mos!!
He is SO cute!
*Love* all of his new clothes

Great post,

Kate said...

Happy 7 Months! You've come so far, it's just amazing. Patrice, neither of my babies would touch baby food (and they didn't have health issues). I ended up feeding them tiny tiny tiny bits of baby food, but started out with Gerber dehydrated fruits (Target). They are the littlest bits of fruit and they disolve in saliva. My girls loved those and it made me feel less insane at meal times.

Good luck. Your love for Jonah is truly testament to God's love for all of us!

Krystena K. said...

I am new to your site. I will bookmark. You have a beautiful family. I am very sorry for your loss of Gabe and will pray for your darling little Jonah.

Krystena K.

Anonymous said...

You are a remarkable family, i hope everything continues to go well.

Christina said...

What an awesome post!! I just loved it! Your little man truly is an amazing miracle.

God bless!

Jane said...

Loved this post! Happy Birthday Jonah on your 7th month. He looks great and has pretty blue eyes. The video was so cute, glad he is getting to the age you can enjoy him more. Thoughts and prayers for you every night.

Cassidy said...

So cool to see Jonah's hands unwrapped. So glad he is still doing well with that!

Terah722 said...

Don't tell your mommy, but my favorite posts are the ones that you write. You are so talented and of course handsome (but I'm sure you already knew that b/c your mommy tells you that all the time!) I can't believe that you are 7 months old already! Time flies when you are having fun. Glad you are doing so well with gaining weight but maybe you could just pretend to like some food every once in a while...ya know, for your mommy's sake. I'm sure she doesn't want to be sending you to kindergarten with a bottle of formula. :)

Kirsten: said...

Happy 7th Month Jonah!!! You are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Love ur super hero onesie!!!

Staci said...

Happy 7 month birthday big guy! Keep growing strong. My 2 year old little girl just saw your picture on the computer screen and said, "ooo, ooo, cute baby mommy"! I bet there are lots of little (and grown up) girls out there in blogland with crushes on you :)

APA and NBK's Mom said...

I think my two-year-old just said it best when watching Jonah laugh ... "he's cute!" He LOVES Jonah. We watched him laugh a couple times. He is just precious!

brandie said...

How sweet that he can't take his eyes off of YOU during the video! Happy 7 months Jonah!

Cristi said...

That was a really sweet post! My "little boy" who is now over 6 ft tall and 17 years old, used to LOVE "Only a boy named David"! :)

The Fabulous Baker Boys said...

Oh sweet girl what a great post. Yes, God loves Jonah like no other and he also loves you and Matthew. Happy 7th month Birthday sweet boy Jonah! God bless you and keep you another year too. When our church family sings happy birthday or happy anniversay to someone we always end with - God bless you and keep you another year through. Here's praying for you all. Love - Stacey Baker - Amarillo Texas

Anonymous said...

my 2 year old just came and wanted to see pictures of baby I pulled up your blog...Johnlee says "dare baby Jonah" "mamma, see dem boo boo's on him?" I said yes that is why we pray for baby Jonah. He said "yeah, I like baby Jonah mamma". Thought I would let you know you have fans of all sizes and ages...
Wendee in Lewisville

Anonymous said...

He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray 4 him and your family every night. Happy B-Day. Love Blanca from Columbus Ohio.

Amanda said...

Woo hoo! Happy 7th month birthday, little man!

Anonymous said...

WOW is all I can Say Sweet Jonah !
you are one lucky little boy !You are loved more than you know !
Love and Hugs
Gee Gee

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday Handsome!!

Jessi said...

Hey Handsome Boy,
Happy 7 month birthday! I love all the pictures! You've got one super cute family!!
Don't worry about the turning over and all that stuff. I've worked with a lot of babies and several of them didn't roll over or sit up until they were TEN months's all just about when ya feel like really!
Oh and a lot of them didn't like big people food for a long time either so you'll get used to it sometime! No rush. :)
Blessings and Prayers.

*Mirage* said...

Happy 7 months you adorable contageously cute sweet handsome boy! :)

M J said...

Happy birthday, Jonah! What a sweetheart!

the-mommy-person said...

Pure awesomeness.

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