Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm so sorry I got something started. That was not my intention. It is my decision whether or not to have bumper pads in Jonah's crib. With the SIDS monitor (which I have tested on every inch of that bed), I feel the risk is worth it to protect his body from more blisters which lead to more sores which lead to more blood loss and drainage which lead to a higher risk of infection and nutrient depletion and dehydration and ultimate death.

So you know what? LAY OFF ALREADY. I had a baby die too. He died of EB. I get it okay? I really, really do. But please, it's our decision, and I knew some of you would have negative things to say about it, which is why I asked you to please not comment on it up front. This is my blog. He's my child. It's our decision. And you have no idea what it's like to be in our shoes. If you disagree with the things you see/read here, by all means, PLEASE DON'T CONTINUE STOPPING BY. Feel free to read something else.

If this kind of crap continues, I will stop opening any of the posts to comments or just stop posting at all. I know everyone thinks I open myself up to this kind of stuff since it's a public blog, but now I'm closing myself off to it. Done. Over. Finished. Positive, Constructive, Helpful are always welcome. Negative comments and fighting are not. Please respect my wishes.

Thank you.