Friday, July 3, 2009

cheese and rice that's a lot of stuff

So, I'll make sure to take pictures, but let me just say that the amount of stuff we're taking on this eight day trip is INSANE. The following is The List. (I really wouldn't advise reading it all because it's boring, but I'm typing it out more so you can see how lengthy it is.)

A week's worth of bandaging supplies (with extras thrown in just in case):
16 8x20 Transfer
30 6x8 Transfer
6 Lite pieces
50 Vaseline gauze
10 needles
50 sterile gauze
2 Polysporin
3 tubs of Aquaphor
12 4x4 Conco gauze
20 3x4 Conco guaze
8 2x4 Conco guaze
10 1x4 hand guaze
LOTS of Tubifast (Jonah likes to pee on his leg dressings)
12 Tongue Depressors
3 Northern Essence Diaper Salve
Clorox wipes
big scissors
silver scissors
suture scissors
plastic tweezers
metal tweezers
12 Chux pads
40 alcohol swabs
2 Lotrimin
saline drops
5 cloth water proof pads
diaper changing pad
finger nail clippers
bath inflatable pad
bath tub
receiving blankets
Jonah bath towels
blankets for bath tub
gel pads
wash cloths for Jonah
blankets for dressing change
dressing change diapers
burp cloths
2 swaddle blankets
vibratey chair
sleep positioner
pillow cases
diaper bag
water containers for bath and bulb syringe
rice cereal
clothes for family pictures
DVD's for Jonah for dressing change
2 hand sanitizer
breast milk
pumping bottles
storage bags
pumping bra
cooler (with aforementioned milk)
SIDS monitor
Johnson and Johnson baby wash
video camera
cloth diapers
wet bag
diaper liners
Simple Green
Charlie's Soap
Grease Lightening
beach towels
towels and wash cloths for us
meds (Carafate, Magic Mouthwash, Tylenol, Prevacid, Mylicon)
1/2 tsp measuring spoon
kids' gifts (12 bday presents for our "all the kids" bday party)
camera cord and charger
wet wipes
beach totes
books and magazines
beach chairs and umbrella
swim suits
bottle brushes
Jonah's notebook

And although Jonah very rarely wears clothes unless we are going out, I proceeded to pack every single piece of EB friendly clothing he owns. I don't know why. I couldn't stop myself.

Oh yeah, the final item on my list - birth control. My mom said if she had had to pack all of that stuff, she wouldn't need a reminder to take her birth control.

So, I'm tired. Very tired. And tomorrow we head to Granny and Grandaddy's, and then Saturday it's off to the beach. Kathryn is pet/house sitting for us, so I'm thankful Raya will not be all alone. And maybe she can water my plants too (even though I never ever water them even when I am here). I'll try to get some pictures of all the stuff. It's ridiculous. Jonah's stuff is not even in suitcases. We are so beyond that at this point. You know those big long flat plastic storage containers that fit under your bed? We now have three of them stuffed to the brim with stuff ready to be loaded in the car. And that's without my and Matt's suitcases and most of the big items on the list or things I couldn't pack until today. Sheesh.

I'm going to need a vacation after this vacation.


Anonymous said...

DO have fun!!!! I think it will be wonderful for your family to be together at the beach--best place on earth!
karen in clemmons

Anonymous said...

have fun!! getting there will be half the battle!! but getting to spend time with family will be fun!

jen from pa

mrs. mari said...

praying for a safe and fun filled family vacation. you will be there before you know it and having the time of your lives, making wonderful memories together.


Marie said...

Only one word for that list: wow.

Suzy said...

You might need a vacation BEFORE the vacation....have fun:)

Tricia said...

Have fun!

Jenny Hintze said...

You're cheating...

Camera is on there twice and so is washcloths. Do they not have beach towels already?

Have fun! ;-)

Tracy said...

You can get a pumping accessory so you can pump in your car with the cigarette lighter! You can buy one specifically for your pump, but I just got one from Circuit City that takes a regular plug and converts it to a cig lighter plug. I spent many road trips pumping!

Sara said...

Raya??? That is my daughter's name, only we spelled it Raia. We named her after her grandfather Ray, but I wanted a more feminine spelling. Is Raya your dog or cat? I just saw the name and quit reading so I could comment, so I may be missing who Raya is...
Hope you have a wonderful (safe) trip!
Much love~
Sara, Kingwood TX

Sara said...

Ok, like a good little girl, I did some research and found that Raya is your kitty :) We have a kitty that looks just like her named Brownie, and Brownie's daughter is also a tortie, but with a long stripe down her nose, hence the name Skunk.
Again, have a safe trip!

Tina said...

I just read your comment about how Jonah likes to pee on his leg dressing and I have a suggestion. My friend that had a boy baby said every time I changed his diaper he leaked because I did not "point the wiener down" (I did not know you had to). So maybe if you try to "point it down" before you close the diaper he won't have as many wet bandages. Have a good vacation.


Sara said...

Very smart about the plastic containers. I've gotten so I pack clothes for short trips in reusable grocery bags, I can usually pack one for each person, and it takes up less space than suitcases, and then I usually come home with one full of clean clothes and the rest full of dirties.

Gerry said...

Hurry up Jonah! Grandaddy is waiting.

Lauren said...


i've gotta agree with your mom. no need to remember the birth control after reading that list.

is deac going with you guys or staying with matt's grandfather?

wanda Wilkinson said...

Be sure & not forget JOnah (HaHa)

Have a wonderful time. lots of pictures & I could enjoy another video...ENJOY YOURSELF

Lots of prayers for a safe & great trip.

Robin said...

I pray that all goes smoothly the whole time and that you and Matt get to enjoy a late night walk on the beach knowing there will be multiple people that will love and watch over Jonah so you can!

God bless your time at the beach.

brianna! said...

may this video bless you!!
praying for you and your family! I love following your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrice,
I have just learned about your blog and your son Jonah from my aunt who lives in Winson-Salem. I'm a 28 yr old living in the Charlotte, NC area with EB Simplex. Although Simplex is not as intense as Jumctional and Dystrophic, and can fully understand everything that you talk about, as I have lived through it myself. I look forward to reading your blog and seeing how Jonah progresses. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you would like, as I'm more than happy to help you in any way that I can.


mandi @ it's come to this said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation ... can't think of a family that deserves one more!! I'll keep you in my prayers that you have safe travels & that most importantly Jonah is happy & well!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, only 10 needles?? I never need so many, but I usually bring a whole box (just in case). How long will you be gone?

Dana Z.

Mitzi said...

Packing is the worse part. once you get on the road it's relaxing enough to get yourself some winks. And you won't be bringing alot of the stuff back as you'll have used it on vacation.

Have a wonderful time with family and Matt and Jonah. YOu will have many happy memories from this this trip.

Rose said...

um wow Yes protect yourself! So does this mean that Jonah is eating again?

THE SPIVEY"S said...

It is alot to take but you will have a blast. Lots of experiences...first of many firsts that we can't wait to read about. Have a great time and try not think about that list of STUFF, that is all it is...STUFF. Remember the fun things...the memories that you will be making.

Precious 3 said...

WOW. And I think my packing lists can be long! I pray you guys have a good trip. I love the idea of doing one big birthday party! How do y'all handle gift opening time? Maybe I can suggest it for our family in the future.

Laura A said...

Wow! You definitely outdid me, and I was packing for 7 people! I can't speak to all the supplies, of course, but I will say as they get older you don't have to take as much of the "big" stuff (pack n' plays, etc.) So hopefully it will get easier!!!

Hope you, Matt and sweet Jonah have a fabulous vacation - you all deserve it!

Praying in TX!

Kelli said...

Praying for safe travel and good times. Enjoy being away.

Channe said...

Hope you guys have a great time - you DESERVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

oh wow, you sound a lot like us when we go on trips.. but I have all that times 3! I thank God every time we travel for our RV cause I can not imagine having all we have to take with us on trips for all 3 kids packing that into a car or minivan! I sure hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of pictures :) Safe travel mercies to you and have a great time!! :D

Sandy said...

Oh boy, I'm tired just reading your list. I sincerely wish a great, wonderful, worry-free, blister-free, vacation for you, Matt and Jonah. I hope you and Matt get some wonderful R&R. I hope you can watch sunrises and sunsets. I hope you enjoy having so many family members around to help with Jonah. And, especially enjoy the big birthday party!

Love and Prayers,
Sandy in King

Nancy said...

That's quite the list! Safe travels and have a wonderful vacation!

Ebeling Family said...

yikes... that IS quite the list.
This week we're flying, with our infant son, to CO...and our list is NOWHERE near that huge..still long, but not like that!
I'm praying that you have a safe and ENJOYABLE trip- have a great time with your family- I'm sure you'll have a blast!

The Smittys said...

hey! we're in the winston area. not sure how i stumbled on your blog, but we've been praying for Jonah! we even saw one of your magnets the other day! i hope your trip goes well!

Carla said...

Good grief! :) Have fun!

LisaL said...

Hope you have a good time and get some time to relax!!

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness! Yes you said not to read it...but I did! Have a great trip and relax a little!