Saturday, June 20, 2009

the last few days (with cute pictures)

Last Saturday we went to hang out with our friends, Shawn and Jen, and their cutie, Jude. Jen and I have decided that Jonah and Jude will be best friends, and Matt is already calling them "The J Team." (Now we just have to get them a cool black van). Jude seems very interested in Jonah, and Jonah, well, he seems very interested in Baby Einstein. But soon enough I know they will be good buddies. And BOTH parents like to hang out with BOTH parents, so we're pretty pumped about their arranged friendship. Here are the boys mesmerized by Baby Mozart. They both behaved beautifully, and we plan to get together again really soon.

Here is a shot of our yard sale stuff. We did alright money wise, but after it was all over, Matt and his dad took the rest to Goodwill, and we can now fit the Escape back in the garage - the real point of having the sale. With the hot weather, it was imperative we get the car in the garage, so it won't be so hot when Jonah gets in. We are SO tired. We didn't get in bed til about 1:30 last night, we were up with Jonah from 3:45-4:45, and we had to get up at 6. Tonight will be an early to bed night, even if it means getting up an extra time or two with Jonah. (Although he was mostly on an up-one-time-a night schedule, he's now back to waking us up at 1:30 or 2:00 and then again at 4:30 or 5:00... even if his last feeding of the day is at 10 or 11.)

Don't ask me why Matt looks so grumpy. I'm pretty sure I had just called him down for selling all my really good stuff for hardly anything. That'll teach me to go inside and pump.

Jen and Jude came and hung out with us a couple hours at the yard sale. And then Jude stole Matt's hat.

Matt and I are using some of the money to start a "Tenth Anniversary Trip" fund - the only way we will EVER save money for a tenth anniversary trip. We discussed going back here in Riviera Maya, Mexico, where we spent our honeymoon, but Matt would LOVE to go to Hawaii. I don't care where we go as long as it's tropical (or a cruise), but I'm planning on needing a break in five years... or possibly five minutes.

And on a completely different note, look who's doing a great job with tummy time! He'll enjoy it for five to ten minutes, and then he's all done, but we'll take it. He's got pretty good head control, but we're working on building up his arms. He is delayed in his grabbing/grasping/reaching (obviously), but we'll have to give him some time. He's only had his hands unwrapped for a week, so you can't really blame him. He does try to hold his bottle when he's eating, and he always plays with his fingers. The only rolling over he's doing is from side to back, so I figure he's going to be a little delayed in that too. I'm okay with it though, because once he knows how to roll over, dressing changes are going to be a nightmare.

Off to wash dishes, switch the laundry, wash diapers, feed Jonah, and go to bed... eventually.


Erin said...

Great pictures!! He is so precious, Patrice! Thanks for sharing with us:-) By the way, I totally want that

All our love,
The Hingley Family in VA

Laura A said...

Love the pictures - looks like it was a great day for a yard sale!

Jonah has already grown so much - he's such a sweetie. Glad tummy time is getting more tolerable - all of mine hated it too!

Hope you get at least a little rest this evening!

Continuing to pray in TX!

natalie said...

I'm so proud of you for sending off your no sale stuff to Goodwill. We had to do two sales before I was willing to let my no sale stuff go. Luckily, between the two sales, we made ove $600. And I was READY to send the stuff off after the second sale. I think I have a hoarding problem!

Scrapwithsabrina said...

He is so cute! Love all the pictures! Looks like he already has a best friend!

Rose said...

He is adorable! I love his train diapers!

Lindsay said...

He is such a doll!!! I think that he gets cuter everyday!! I pray for you guys all the time!!! Thanks for the pictures


Beth said...

He is so precious!! Sounds like he is doing great at tummy time!! Much better then either of our boys did at this age!

Hmmm, you have inspired me to start our own 10th Anniversary fund!!! We are celebrating 5 years next month, so we will have some time to save!! And I agree with Matt, Hawaii ALL the way!!

Anonymous said...

We have been married 33yrs.
Only 8 1/4 anniversaries so about every 1 or 2 anniversaries we actually go some where.
You deserve a are the best, unpack 1 time!!!! Don't even have to get off the ship if you don't want to :) !!
Prayers for all, love

Above Rubies said...

From the mouth of my 3 year old Maribelle after she saw Jonah's pictures, "Fahder, Please help Jonah to hab not boo-boos and to not cry. Amenen."
We are faithfully praying for and your sweet little boy!
Aimee in Indiana

Anonymous said...

I am a daycare provider and 10 minutes is pretty much all I can get from my little babies. Jonah is adorable!

Desha said...

I love me some Jonah pictures! Man that boy has some beautiful baby blues. Hope you get some rest this weekend, and happy early Father's Day to Matt!

Anonymous said...

I just started putting a mirror down for my little boy's tummy time. It's so fun to watch them look at themselves!!!

Toni :O) said...

Yay...he's doing beautifully and for that I'm so thankful! Glad you had a successful yard sale and I'll keep praying Jonah's boo boos start healing. LOVE those baby blues! Whew...just so stinkin cute! Happy Happy Father's Day to great Daddy out there!

Lynnette said...

I think I like garage sales too much. I was scouring over the picture of your sale thinking "hey that's cool, yeah I'd like that, and oooh look at that!" Glad to hear your sale went well.
From a blog reader and garage sale lover in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Forget Ebay, you could just have an online garage sale next time. People could just look at your yard sale photos and e-mail to tell you what they want :)

I'm glad you can put your car in now. Jonah will be COOL(er).

You didn't say if you got to speak Spanish!?

Dana Z.

Melina said...

Oy, yard sales! Love to go to them, hate to have them. LOL.

We have that same train print FB of Jonah's, I love it! It may be silly, but I swear the print FBs fabric holds up better than the solid color PUL! Also, I want to suggest Kissaluv's diaper lotion potion. Not sure if wipes are irritating to Jonah, but the lotion potion is just a spray and it's very soothing/healing. I use it for my kids for diaper rashes to great success.

God bless!

Sara said...

Oh, Jonah looks so sweet looking in his little mirror! I love it!
Like the other blog reader, I love yard sales too, and was ogling your stuff!! In my area, we have an online yard sale website, and I know that the owner has them all over the USA. I will look online and see if I can find one in NC for you, although I don't remember what city you're in. It's so nice to list stuff or shop from home at garage sale prices! The website is closed down on Sundays though, so I will have to look for you on monday.
Thanks for sharing your precious baby boy with all of us out here in internetland, and letting us love him too!
Sara, Kingwood TX

Sara said...

Oh yeah, and did you get to tell Jonah's story to lots of people?? Did everyone buy a magnet??

mrs. mari said...

congrats on the yard sale--good job!!! the pictures of jonah are so cute--he is adorable :)

Angela said...

Jonah is so beautiful!!! I love seeing pictures of his little face.

Great news about tummy time. 5-10 minutes at his age is AWESOME!

Could his nightly wakings be due to a growth spurt? Hopefully it will only last a few days and things will settle back down. I know how hard it is to get up twice at night again when you've gotten used to only once a night. Hang in there.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Jonah is getting so big :)
Aren't rummage sales a lot of work? I just had one 3 weeks ago and I said I will never do it again.
We spent a week at Aventura Palace a few years ago and we loved it! It was really a relaxing place.
take care,

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Happy Father;s Day Matt!!!!!! Glad your yard sale went good..what a hot day, Jonah is looking great watching that cutie pie in his mirror. Glad he is getting where he likes his tummy time..great head control.

lots of prayers, hugs & smoochies are sent your way.

Stars in the sky said...

Oh my word he is SOOOO cute! Those cheeks are so kissable :) I love the pic of him on his tummy. I think its normal for them to only like tummy time for a short time. Mine screams out after I set him down so 10 minutes sounds great! Go Jonah!

2slippers said...

Happy Father's Day to Matt!

I have been thinking about your diaper situation with them being "waterproof" from the aquaphor. I know Jonah can't wear disposables because of the elastic on the legs. I'm wondering if you could possibly cut those parts off and put it on under his regular diaper? Just a thought. Jonah is always on my mind. :)

Erin said...

I say go on a cruise...I just got back from the Bahamas and it was awesome!! Jonah is getting so big...and I love his big blue eyes! ADORABLE that little dude is! Happy Father's day to your sweet and blessings from ga~erin
p.s.~I have some great cruise pics posted on my should check it out!

Anonymous said...

I wish people around here liked doing yard sales all the time!! I would love to find some good sales!
I also think your son is a handsome little man ;)

I'm going to do a Confessions of a Target-aholic post ;) I think you should make that a regular thing!! It would be fun!

Sandy said...

Hawaii?! Did someone say "Hawaii"?! . . . 10 year aniversary trip . . . go to Hawaii!!! You won't regret it. Don't wait until your 25th anniversary like we did (2007)!! Go! Go! Go!

The pictures of both boys are precious. It's so cool to see Jonah with a playmate! Glad your yard sale went well . . .they area LOT OF WORK. And so glad you're back to posting!

Love and Prayers,
Sandy Moore
(A local yocal)

Cindy said...

That is the same resort that Aaron and I stayed at on our honeymoon. I have found more and more people that went there. I was to go back too it was so great!

Kathryn said...

I love the pictures of Jonah looking at himself! And I do have a little something sickly going on in my throat, by the way...I hope I won't have to stay away long. Give me a call if you get a minute, I miss you guys already! Love!