Thursday, January 1, 2009

we have a date!

Like my new ticker? Exciting huh? My doctor has set the date - February 27th! It is the day I will turn 37 weeks. We are very glad to have a specific day. I don't really know why except that it gives us something concrete and for-sure to focus on. It's not that far away! So, you know, if you just have the overwhelming urge to pray for a date, we think that one is a good choice. Thanks for your continued prayers. We can't wait for you to meet him!


shaina said...

oh my goodness. is it really only 1 month and 3 weeks away? thats crazy. but a good kind of crazy.

brightleigh said...

Yay! Your ticker actually sounds a LOT closer than the 76 days in your puzzle...We are looking forward to meeting the little guy! Hope you guys had a great new years! We continue to pray for his and yours and Matt's well being. Continue to be strong! We love you and miss you!