Monday, January 5, 2009

me and baby 29 weeks

Here is my latest pregnancy picture. Thanks, Shaina!

My first glucose test came back too high, so this past Friday, on our day off, I had to go back and do the three hour test (4 blood draws in three hours... NOT fun). Thankfully Matt went with me, so I didn't have to sit there by myself all morning. We got in some much needed Scrabble time, and it was actually kind of fun. (He might not agree.) Anyway, the blood work came back today, and I don't have gestational diabetes. Woo-hoo! I actually wouldn't have minded that much if I had it. I mean, there are much worse things, and anything to make the doctor watch me even closer is fine by me. But I do love sugar and carbs, so I'm happy to get to keep eating what I want. I've eaten a piece (or 2!) of apple pie everyday this weekend, just in case I was going to have to stop. But I guess I can just keep on a eatin'. Might as well embrace the calories while I have an excuse.


Janna Lynn said...

Glad that everything was good, and you are SO CUTE!!! I love the belly! Can't wait til mine looks like that (although I'll probably look huge EVERYWHERE!). Anyway, glad thing seem to be going well and can't wait to see the little one! Love you!

brightleigh said...

Hey...I had to do the long glucose test too. My mom went with me and there was this girl in there who I thought was going to die after they drew blood the 2nd time. She talked about how nasty the drink was too...I had to keep telling myself, it's not nasty, just flat Sunkist and I am grateful for any nourishment at this point. Glad you got through the long one...I enjoyed showing off my battle scars afterwards.