Tuesday, January 13, 2009

eco bulbs

I'm not usually one to talk much about deals and coupons (except to relive my triple-couponing horror stories), but there is a great deal at Harris Teeter. Hurry! It ends today!

If you are trying to make the switch to the energy efficient light bulbs, they are Buy One Get One Free at Harris Teeter through today. That's getting $16.00 off and saving you money on your power bill (and they burn a really long time). Just thought you might want to know. I only got 2 boxes (8 bulbs), but I'm thinking I should have stocked up.


The Strosniders said...

just FYI
those bulbs do contain mercury and if they break you have to use a spill kit, remember not to use a vacuum! and when you throw them away they have to be disposed of properly. (how do you like that for going "green.") haha

brightleigh said...

Proud of you Patrice!